Monday, June 11, 2012

Hour Glasses and Pinwheels in Progress

Where does inspiration come from?  Sometimes when I'm looking at antique quilts online, I see one that I'd like to own, but can't afford.  This will be my version of an antique quilt for sale at this site:

Pinwheels Doll Quilt: Circa 1920; Pennsylvania   $335.  

"Four Hourglass blocks are combined to create a Pinwheel pattern in this lovely 1920's doll quilt. Excellent condition. Well scaled to the size of the piece, including the cable quilted border. Measures 28 1/2" square. Berks County, Pennsylvania origin."

My version is blue instead of pink and is 16.5 inches square right now, before borders.  It will finish a little smaller than the original and will have a small blue and then white border as the original does.  I wanted to post even though it's not finished yet because I'm including a picture every Monday on Elizabeth's website:

She gives bloggers an opportunity to show what little quilt they are working on each Monday and I like to see the updates. 

Here is a picture of the back, to show you the seams pressed open.  There are a lot of seams in this one, and it seemed best to press some of them open, to make it less bulky.  Hope you are having a great Monday!


elizabeth said...

I have just started ironing my seams open....not always, but more often. I now can see that it makes a difference when you have so many seams meet : ) Your hourglass is darling!

Lori said...

I love blue and white! It's going to be lovely!!

Betty Lou said...

Love how by turning your hourglass blocks it forms pinwheels. Lots of movement and like the blue and white.