Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Dog Days of Summer

We are having a great time at the lake - even the dogs are chillin'.

I started working on the quilt below this January, and the name of it is "Third Weekend in October".  I hope to have it finished by then.  It is so big that I didn't see it all laid out at once until now.  I have about one-third of the rows to sew together yet.  It's designed by Ruth Powers and the pattern is manufactured by Innovations.

I took a picture of it from the upstairs balcony as it lays on the floor below:

I noticed one yellow leaf (at about 8:00) seemed to have too many points, and it's because the partial leaf next to it is so similar in color.  So, I decided to re-do that portion.  I took out this:

And replaced it with a red checked fabric, and the yellow leaf now has a better look, with the similar yellow pebble fabric gone:

This pattern is fun, and very simple if you take it a little at a time.  I sectioned it off and did five rows each month.  It would be fun to make a small quilt with what I learned doing this one.

What are you working on this week? 


Lee Prairie Designs said...

Beautiful quilt!!! I would sure like to be on that front porch rocking away!!!

:) Carolyn

One Minnesota Quilter said...

Your porch looks so inviting.....

This quilt pattern is one I have always wanted to do but it looked a bit time consuming and something one would need to stay with or it might be easy to forget what you are doing. It's nice to know that it is not too overwhelming.

Yours is beautiful and no doubt you will have it done by your goal!! :)


Leah Rubin said...

You inspire me! I'm working on a challenge quilt for my guild (a kid's quilt which will go to Cardinal Glennon), and a basket quilt in reds and greens! Taking a hand-applique project with me to D.C. on Saturday-- it's a whimsical owl on a branch with a little bird hovering!

LuAnn said...

Beautiful leaf quilt. I love everything about fall. Looks like you are having a relaxing summer with a nice place to sit and do some stitching.

Sharyn Mallow Woerz said...

I think this is the first leaf quilt I've thought was pretty, really looks like a natural scatter of fall leaves.
Well done!