Monday, December 17, 2012

Balm to Sooth My Soul

Amid the terrible news of the tragedy in Connecticut this week, I first watched the TV for a while - in dismay and disbelief.  Then I headed to the quilt room and tried to sooth my soul.  Quilting is such a comfort when I am troubled.  How about you?

Here is a little wall hanging that I finished yesterday:

Kathie's blog, Inspired by Antique Quilts, (Here) has a beautiful little quilt in her header (lower right side) and I loved it when she first made it.  (There are some blogs out there where I like everything they do;  Kathie's blog is one of them.)  I made my own version quite a while ago, but didn't finish the binding until just yesterday.  Thanks Kathie for allowing my to copy your version.  Mine is 12 x 12 in. and I put triangle hanging corners on the back, so I can hang it on the wall in December. The hst's are 1 inch, and the border is 3 in. on each side.

Today is design wall Monday, and also Quiltville's Easy Street Mystery linkup, so I have something to show for both sites:

Here's the Easy Street parts up through Part 4, and I have no clue what it will all look like when it is finished.  But that's the fun of a mystery!

You can see what the other peeps are working on at Bonnie's post: (Here)

Another picture of just Part 4:

On my design wall is a Barbara Brackman suffragette  block.  She is posting one a week at this site: (Here)  I have two more to make to get caught up with this project.
Bride's Knot for Invisible
I love design wall Monday, and like to see what other's are working on.  If you want to see what others have on their design walls, go here: Patchwork Times

We are entering the last week before Christmas, and I hope you take some time to sooth your soul in your quilt room.  Merry Christmas!


  1. Hey, great minds think alike. I am also doing Barbara Brackman's Grandmother's Choice. You can see mine at I love your Christmas colors, too.

  2. Great color choices!! That will be very Christmasy!!

  3. Beautiful little quilt and block.

    Kathie is a great inspiration and has a fun blog - I enjoy following her too.

    Thanks for sharing -


  4. love your choice of Christmas colours for the mystery. I am also doing Barbara's BOW in purple, white & Green - the English suffragette colours.

  5. We also turned off the tv until last night's gathering, which was very moving....I have also gone into my sewing space to calm myself down after this horrific day--I still cannot wrap my mind around this...
    On a happier note, I love your colors for Easy Street; I am staying with Bonnie's choices except I don't have much purple--so may switch to pinks--we'll see. Have a good holiday Julierose

  6. gorgeous fabrics, lovely quilts and that block is a WOW! I am a person who has to creative things to find balance and peace in my life too. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!

  7. Great fabric choices for Easy street...and a wonderful little quilt!

  8. I'm so excited to keep checking on your Christmas color fabrics for Easy Street... it's going to be fabulous!

  9. Delicious fabrics in the Knot block!
    Am so looking forward to seeing the christmas fabrics when assembled.
    hugs, Sharyn

  10. I love the fabrics you're using in Easy Street!

  11. Your Easy Street Christmas fabrics are so yummy! And I agree, this mystery has been such a stress-buster for me too, especially this past weekend, I cried all day Saturday and decided to just start doing something productive so started sewing and quilting - you're right, it is such a soothing balm for the heart and soul ;-)

    Looking forward to seeing your Christmas mystery surprise come together,

  12. I totally agree with you about Kathie!! I love your Christmas variation of Easy St.

  13. Thank you!!! The little quilt was inspired by an antique quilt ,much larger that I saw in a book , and Ann Hermes made one small, I just had to make one too! Its one of my favorite quilts.
    yours came out amazing love your fabric choices!!!!
    some day I will make a large one for our bed.
    maybe 2013 will be the year.
    your easy street is so fun, love the fabrics your using.

  14. Ooooo... you're making a Christmasy Easy Street! ♥ it!

  15. I just found your blog while looking at your finished East Street blocks this week. I love your blocks and have become a follower. I am not the quilter you are "yet" but I love looking at other's beautiful quilts and getting ideas.

  16. Great colors for the mystery. So different from any others I have seen.

  17. Love love love your Easy Street fabrics. The mini looks stunning with the extra wide border. I love making minis too.


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