Saturday, March 2, 2013

AAQI Quilts for Sale

AAQI Quilts for Sale - This is the last year for buying little quilts to support Ami Simms wonderful organization, Alzheimer's Art Quilt Initiative.  Thanks to so many of you for supporting this wonderful cause.  If you would like to buy a little wall quilt, I have two still for sale!  This first one is 9 inches by 9 inches, and could also be used as a doll quilt, or a mug rug. Click on the name under the quilt to go to the site if you would like to purchase it to support the cause.

The second one is made of homespun plaids and black, and is 6.5 inches square.  It would make a good mug rug, or you could hang it on the wall.  I hope they find a good home!  Again, click on the name under the little quilt to go to the site to purchase it.

Thank you very much!

I was sewing on a charity baby quilt this week, and somehow blew a fuse on my sewing machine.  At least that's what the onscreen error message indicates.  I think Bonnie Hunter is right, the old machines have fewer parts to contend with, and are more reliable.  This is the second time I've blown a fuse on my Janome.  So, instead of sewing up a storm this weekend while hubby is away in Florida golfing, I am using my rotary cutter and mat, and am cutting up a storm, in preparation for sewing when my machine gets back from the shop.  There is always something to do in the quilt room, right?


Kindred Quilts said...

Very cute mini's Judy... love 'em both! No machine? Good to be productive with cutting!!!

Anonymous said...

About your machine - aside from the fuse issue, how do you like the Janome? (I've seen some really nice features in the Janome ads but didn't know anyone who had one so I'm really curious as to how they function in real life.

Lou said...

Hearing that your machine has it's little glitches makes me grateful for my old faithful. I often look at the lovely new machines and wish I could buy one without guilt. My old Janome just keeps on going and when I use straight stitch 90% of the time, I really can't justify buying a new machine.
Your little quilts are lovely.