Monday, January 27, 2014

Mid-Winter Blues and Simplified Celtic Solstice

Lori, of Humble Quilts, has a new doll quilt-a-long, and it's called "Mid-Winter Blues" (Instructions are here)

My first part:

Some of my squares are a little crooked, but Lori has taught me that humble quilts are the best, and if it's a little crooked, that's o.k.  

My Simplified Celtic Solstice is coming together this week.  I have long strips sewn from top to bottom, with only six more to go.  Then I will connect each strip.  The design wall makes it possible to do it this way, and not make blocks first, and the seam pressing is more consistent for me (one column seams are pressed up, next column seams are pressed down, etc)

Here's the column strips so far:

And the right side of the picture below shows five columns that are all loose 3.5 inch pieces.  The left side shows that a quilt really shrinks when seams are sewn, doesn't it?  One more column is at the sewing machine.  After these six are sewn, then it's pinning and sewing each long strip to the next one.  But the end is near!

What's on your design wall today?

I love to check out what is on other quilter's design walls each Monday at the Patchwork Times blog (Here)   There are lots of quilter's showing their projects here too, on a WIP link  (Here)


  1. I like the red in your midwinter blues. I went with cheddar. Its fun! Your mystery quilt looks great!

  2. I must get started on that quilt along... so cute!
    Your Celtic Solstice is stunning... great job!

  3. This Celtic solstice looke good! I have ben measureing and remaking some of my neutral /Blue points to day of this quilt. Yours is truning out very pretty. I am wondering how my scrappy is going to carry in this pattern.

  4. Great fabrics for your Midwinter Blues! I haven't started mine... maybe tonight. Your Celtic Solstice is one of my absolute favorites in blogland!

  5. I love what you've got going! Your Celtic quilt top is turning out really fantastic!!

  6. I love the red and blue and tan combo. I told myself I was not going to attempt the quilt along and then I saw yours....

  7. Those mid winter blues blocks are adorable.

  8. Love your Midwinter Blues blocks! Your Celtic Solstice is lovely as well.

  9. And I guess I'm not that observant that you didn't do the pinwheel block...I don't miss it.

    1. My first comment didn't seem to take...where I said that I agree Kindred is my favorite version.


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