Monday, February 13, 2017

I Love Valentine's Day - Reprise

A few years ago, I started a quilt as a February "Valentine's Day" project, but stopped working on it when I ran out of the toile fabric.  Later, I bought more of the fabric, but then we moved, and the project got boxed up.  So this February, it's on the design wall, and I am putting rows together.  It feels so good to be moving a project along to the finish line.

I searched my blog, and found that I started this quilt in 2014.  Here's the blog post:  I love Valentine's Day

I have 9 blocks by 9 blocks made, and the quilt will be about 95" by 95".  Here's this week's picture:

I posted a picture on Facebook and Instagram, asking if people thought there should be a red border, a toile border, or no border.  I am binding it with the solid red, regardless of the border decision.  Now that I'm looking at it, I may want to make it into a king sized quilt for our bed, in which case, I will add another column, and another row, or do a border.  Lots of people like it with no border, which would involve 19 more blocks, but only half of them would be any work.  What do you think?

Colleen Lim, a friend from the Shipshewana retreat I attend, asked me about the pattern.  I made it up, and will write a tutorial on the measurements, tips, etc.   I will post the directions here for Colleen, and anyone who wants to make their own Valentine Quilt.  

Through the years, I've saved Valentine's Day cards from my husband.  This year I put some of them on the fireplace mantle in the living room, and the rest of them on our dressers in the bedroom.  I told him to "shop" in our home supply of cards, and pick out one to send to me again this year.  

It is a wonderful collection of cards through our long married life, and I love seeing them again.  Do you save cards from your sweetheart?

Happy Valentine's Day tomorrow!  This little doll quilt is on my coffee table this year.

Today is Design Wall Monday at Judy Liquidara's blog, so I'm heading over there to see other quilter's work.  Judy has some cute little girl's dresses on her design wall.  (Here)


  1. I like your idea of displaying and recycling V. Day cards. Love your large quilt and the small quilt . Think I have to make the small quilt!


  2. I have a heart quilt I started about the same time as yours. Still not complete.

  3. It is sure a beautiful Valentine quilt!! <3

  4. What a beautiful and thoughtful idea to save your valentines & use them each year on your mantel. I love your little quilt also. Thanks for sharing!

  5. red binding,no borders. Many years ago, once before we were married and once again when we'd been married maybe 10 years I asked Rob to send me a love letter. I've never opened them, they are a bit of a talisman through hard days. I can think is this a hard enough day to open the love letters? No, I can make it through today :) 47 years this month.

  6. Border or borderless, your quilt will look great! If adding a border, I'd go with a narrow, red, inner border (no wider than the red squares in your 9-patches) and a wider, toile, outer border.

  7. I give my husband the same Valentine card (along with birthday, Easter, etc) every year! It's been fun to just add another date on them. Love your valentine quilt. Think I'd put a small "stop" border on it and then a toile border.

  8. What a pretty Valentine's Day quilt and perfect use of the toile. I love your idea of recycling cards and am wishing I had saved some to do the same!


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