Monday, June 26, 2017

Design Wall Monday - June 26, 2017

I thought when I took over Design Wall Monday, I thought I would do another post sometime other than Monday, to talk about other projects I'm working on also, but it hasn't happened yet.  Maybe this week I will.

Two people have contacted me that are unable to link up to my blog, and I apologize that I'm not computer savvy enough to help them.  I am sorry, and I hope to learn more so that I can be of more assistance.

I am working on other projects this week, and haven't made a lot of progress on the Valentine Quilt, as I've been gone from my design wall.

What is on your Design Wall this week?  Here's mine:

Please send us your link, so we can enjoy the show.  And don't forget to reference this blog in your post, using a link back here.  That way, we can jump back here and jump on to the next blog.  Thanks!


  1. You have made a lot of progress on the heart quilt. It won't be long now!

  2. Your Valentine quilt is looking great! How big is it going to be?

  3. Your Heart quilt is coming together beautifully!

  4. Hi Judy,
    WOW - you are almost finished with these blocks! You have made great progress this month, don't you think?! ~smile~

  5. This is looking so pretty. I enjoy watching your progress. Have a good sewing day today.

  6. So many little pieces - I am sure you poured your heart into it :-D
    It looks terrific and I am sure it will make a gorgeous quilt.

  7. Love your heart quilt! Lots of piecing in that one!

  8. Hi Judy:
    I had no idea you were this close to being finished! It's beautiful!

  9. Wow, your quilt is coming along, so pretty! I can't believe all those pieces!


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