Monday, August 28, 2017

Design Wall Monday - August 28, 2017

What a week!  So much happened, and none of it was quilty.  We moved my sister to Ludington, Michigan, from Flint, Michigan, on an independent living apartment .........My fairly new car - (just got it all paid for recently) - was in a fluke accident while I was out of town.....Maybe my hubby was driving it, but I'm not saying for sure.   I wouldn't want to embarrass him.  Then our daughter and her family had to evacuate their home in Texas (Corpus Christi) because of Hurricane Harvey.  They are home as of last night, but have no power yet.  The good news is that they missed the worst of the hurricane winds and far their home is not flooded.  Wow, what a week!

So you will understand if this is a brief post because I did not do much quilting.  

Here is a picture of part of the 365 quilt block project from 2016, that Dee put up on my design wall for me while she was here last week.  There are so many different blocks, that there is no right or wrong way to arrange them.   The next step will be sewing all the blocks together.

There is another round of darks and another round of lights - it's a big quilt!  I may take apart the center medallian to use darker pieces in the outside triangles.....or I may leave it up on the design wall until it grows on me the way it is.  I also may eliminate the four outside corner big blocks, as I haven't made them yet, and I think I have extras of the smaller blocks to use instead.

Here is the original layout:

In contrast to all the excitement this week, I enjoyed a nice boat ride with my granddog, Charlie on Monday.  We both love to sit in the front of the boat, with the wind in our faces.  We turned toward the camera for this picture, but usually we are facing into the wind with abandon!

What's on your design wall this Monday?  I hope you will join in the parade of pictures of everyone's projects.  I love to see what you are working on.


  1. Hope this week settles down for you. I'm a Michigan girl to and love the wind in my face on the boat. The 365 is beautiful. I can't imagine trying to change the layout. My brain would be on overload. I love it.

  2. Wow, that was a busy week. Hope your daughter and family stays high and dry throughout the rest of the week. I like the what you've got up on the wall for the 365 quilt. Hopefully next week is less exciting and you can relax a bit with some stitching.

  3. I had not seen a 365 quilt done in the pinks. Nice.
    From what I see on the weather channel, there is still lots of rain to come to Texas. I hope your daughter's home is spared flooding. And that they have plans to evacuate if that danger comes about. We live in Florida and well understand the hurricane threats.

  4. So glad your daughter is safe - what a bad situation. And sorry about the car - hopefully and easy fix?

  5. Hi Judy,
    Wow, that was a busy week. My good friend's daughter and husband live in Victoria, and when I saw the eye of the hurricane over their area on Saturday morning my heart just sank. They also do not have power or water, but so far no flooding in their home. I just pray for all of them to stay safe. My heart breaks for all of the Houston area people. Love the picture of you and your puppy of the boat. Who doesn't love the wind in their hair?! ~smile~ Roseanne

  6. That 365 quilt is amazing! So much sewing in that quilt... it must be heavy with all those seams!

  7. thank you for the , yes, encouraging post. even baby steps are encouraging some times. despite mishaps the family is safe, people got safely moved and survived car trouble. one suggestion on the 365... there seems to be a collection of the blue-green background in the upper left. if it was me, I would distribute them around more. thank you for sharing!

  8. First, may I say that your daughter did evacuate her home. One of my friends had a niece who did not evacuate in the Houston area and had five inches of water in her home. Her mother who also lives in the Houston area arranged for her evacuation to a friend's home with a dog, 3 tortoises and at least one lizard. The daughter is a science teacher. The sister and her husband are still at home with at least 20" of rain expected today. Another friend and I were discussing today that we could not believe that they did not have the brains to evacuate whether it was mandatory or not. We will hold our tongues and not tell our friend that her relatives are idiots. We live in tornado and do not have time to evacuate. The last one was over my house when the sirens went off. I was headed upstairs to wake my son so he could carry his 4 year old daughter down to the closet and heard the siren. It was right over my house. I've been spared many times with the tornado over my house and did not touch down.
    I love the wind in my face on a boat. I got the house and my husband got the boat when he divorced me. I still have the house. Enough said. The 365 quilt is amazing! I wish I felt like piecing. Thanks for sharing. Your work is beautiful. Hopefully soon I'll have a "studio" again.

  9. Love your beautiful quilt. I love the center as is. So glad your daughter is back home. Prayers for her and her many neighbors in distress.

  10. just found you and thought I would add you to my feedly reader and try out your Design Wall Monday.

  11. Glad your family is safe. Thinking of all in Texas, we have family there too. I love your 365 Challenge quilt! I am still working on mine but yours inspires me to keep working on it.


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