Monday, October 16, 2017

Design Wall Monday - October 16, 2017

Fall is finally here, and we've had beautiful weather so far.  I got out some fall quilts, and have the large leaf quilt on display on the railing:

And the view from the kitchen:

It's from a pattern by Ruth Powers and the pattern is named "Third Weekend in October".  The quilt is 85 X 110 inches.  Her pattern:

It is paper pieced, and a great way to use your fall colored fabrics.

Here's a few pictures (from the Frederik Meijer Gardens & Sculpture Park in Grand Rapids, MI) from this week:

The white pumpkins and the ornamental cabbages always look so nice.

  I love the big pumpkins turned on their side - just as they were in the field.

They used apples in their arrangements!  Of course, if I tried that in my yard, the deer would be all over it.

Isn't this pumpkin a funky one?  I really like it.

What are you working on this third Monday in October?


  1. Love your fall leaf quilt, very pretty. Perfect decor for the season.

  2. love the fall decorations and the quilt - fall is a really neat time of year I think

  3. Oooo. Your fall leaves look very lush. My morning dog walk looked just like it! The maple in my yard is shedding pretty red/orange leaves. :)

  4. What a beautiful fall leaf quilt! Love the diagonal line of blue that appears, like the sky is peeking through behind the leaves!

  5. OhMyGoodness! I love your leaf quilt!!! A lovely fall post.

  6. Love your fall quilt...such beautiful leaves of different shapes and sizes. Just wish our leaves were that pretty; this year the colors are not nearly as bright as in past years. The fall vignettes are beautiful, too, and that pumpkin is a hoot!

  7. Love your October quilt! I have that pattern and the fabrics gathered... I think it will be my New Year quilt to make.... but I said that last year, too. Thanks for sharing all the fall colors.


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