Monday, December 4, 2017

Design Wall Monday - December 4, 2017

Reality has me wanting to clean up the quit room for a fresh start.  I posted some pictures of my quilt room on my blog two years ago......(Here) .... if you care to see what it looks like when it's clean.  But allow me to show you some pictures of the sad state of the room right now:

Ironing board:

Floor right appears someone dumped a basket to look for something specific in it......who would have done that?  Yes, it was me.  

Plus, I have projects spread out on a table outside the quilt room, in the family room.  Overflow....?

Also, the family room bar counter space has been taken over by my quilting projects.  This is a drinks bar, not a library.....These two areas are not part of my quilt room.

What to do....what to do....How to fix this mess?  As we all know, tackle it a little at a time, each day this week.  I am setting the timer for 15 minutes daily and will put things away until the bell rings.   I will report back to you with pictures next week to show you the results.  Anyone with me on daily 15 minute cleanups in our quilt rooms?

I hope your week will be productive.  What's on your design wall this week?  My design wall is empty right now, but I will be sewing my Jane Stickle columns and rows together soon, and it will be going up on the design wall.


  1. I'm at about the same spot. The sewing room could really use a good clean up. I'm waiting till my vacation starts in a couple of weeks.

  2. I live in a tiny home, therefore I must get each and every thing out and put it all back away each time I sew! Your area(s) are glorious! You'll get it done, as it does look wonderful all spiffied up! Happy Holidays!

  3. My space looks the same and worse most of the time!
    It's the sign of a creative mind :)

  4. I'm right there with you! My quilting mess is contained in my sewing room, but the rest of the house is disaster area from decorating. I like your 15 minute idea!

  5. My sewing room looks much worse, but the mess is confined to that room &I can shut the door! I usually tackle it once a year & go through everything, but it is soon a mess again. But I don't mind the mess for some reason, as long as the rest of the house is neat, and when the sewing room is all cleaned out I lose all incentive to create. Weird!

  6. Wow, what a thought! I think 15 minute cleanups sounds like a super idea. Let's see, at this rate I should be done in say... 5 years or so. Wink! I don't even dare show mine right now.

  7. Hi Judy, good luck with your cleanup. I hope your strategy works. My room is pretty much a disaster until I finish a project - then at least what ever was involved in that gets put away :-)

  8. Have you seen the joke that's been floating around the Internet?
    The wife said to the husband, "all my sewing stuff fits in one box."
    The husband shouted, "stop calling our house a box! "

  9. I went back to your 2015 post for the tour of your sewing room. I love the way you repurposed vintage furniture. That's the most practical use of a tea cart that I've seen. I saw one at an estate sale and observed that a tea cart is one of the most useless pieces of furniture -- the sort of thing that marked status (=you had space for it and you had the leisure to use it) -- especially nowadays.


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