Monday, January 22, 2018

Design Wall Monday - January 22, 2018

Since Valentine's Day is coming up next month, I decided to work on my valentine quilt project and it's back up on the design wall.

Here is a picture:

The original cross stitch chart idea is here:

I am going to change the bottom wording, and have it charted out here:

This week I hope to sew together the rows and columns on the five remaining grids that I have sectioned off on the upper part, and also start on the Be My Valentine wording squares.  I have all the squares cut.  

This project is very peaceful and non-thinking vs. the Jane Stickle triangles I've been working on, so it's a pleasant change.  What's on your design wall this Monday?

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  1. This is lovely and intriguing to think of using a cross stitch pattern as a template. It totally works.

  2. Your red and white Valentine quilt is so beautiful, so original looking. Reminds me of when I did counted cross stitch, it' will be an heirloom for sure.

  3. Love your red and white Valentines quilt! It's both fun and pretty.

  4. Your Valentine's quilt is lovely. What a clever idea, to convert a cross stitch pattern into a quilt design!

  5. Stunning! And very clever! And Stunning!!

  6. Your Valentine quilt is so beautiful. Tons of work!

  7. I absolutely love this Valentine quilt!

  8. Wow! That's a lot of hearts! I love it!

  9. I STILL love this one, too!! Can't wait to see the finish!!

  10. How brilliant to use a cross stitch chart for a piecing pattern. It is turning out beautifully!

  11. I have been watching your progress on the heart quilt. Going to be a beauty in the red and white.


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