Monday, November 11, 2019

Design Wall Monday - November 11, 2019

November 11th:  Veterans Day - a day to honor the soldiers who have served our country in war and peace.   I so appreciate those who have served in the military, and reflect on the vanishing number of World War II vets still alive.  As I age, I have a greater appreciation of the preciousness of life, its beauty, its fragility, and the importance of our veterans and their service to the United States of America.   

This week I put the binding on a baby quilt.  Feels good to have another quilt completed.  It is for a charity, and I won't know who will use it, but I'm sure a baby will look great on this patriotic quilt.

I made it quite a while ago, and am glad it is finished and will soon be on its way to a useful life.  Here is the quilt in whole, with a Broken Dishes pattern:

It is 34 in. x 41 in. and is made of 3 inch hsts.  Here's a closeup of the triangles:

 And a picture of the back, so you can see the wonky stars that my long arm quilter sewed into it:

 Lastly, I leave you with Sunday's baking:  Deep dish apple pie:  

It tasted great, and I tried a new kind of apple - but don't remember the name of the of the joys of being 76 years old.  We live very near an orchard, and I am enjoying the many different varieties that are grown here in Michigan.

What is on your design wall today?  Please show all of us and we will have fun admiring your quilt.  Please link back to this particular post from somewhere within your blog post.  I appreciate it.  

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  1. Beautiful patriotic quilt, sure it will be loved

  2. A very fun finish. Congrats on getting one more off the UFO list.

  3. What a vibrant beauty this one is Judy! I've been trying out different kinds of apples too!

  4. great broken dishes quilt - that pie looks yummy

  5. Susan, the proprietor of our local produce stand, stocks 2 dozen varieties of apples grown at Twin Maple Orchard in Gelien, MI (inland from New Buffalo). This past Saturday she had a new variety, Arkansas Black -- a very late-season variety, very crunchy, and tart. Late-season indeed: the orchard has quick picking for the season. (I bought some Arkansas Blacks just to try them -- and also a bag of Winesaps which are my husband's favorites.) Susan's last day is December 1. Then she goes to work in the greenhouse to start propagating for the next season.....One year I hope we can make the drive to Twin Maple just to see the operation.

  6. Now that you mention it, I have not had any fresh apples this year. We have an orchard a couple miles up the road and a friends retired brother works there during picking season. He usually brings us apples As a thank you I make multiple batches of apple crisp and share with him. Darn it, now I am craving apples. :). Love your quilt, some baby is going to be very happy.

  7. Love your baby quilt Judy. You just love those broken dishes blocks don't you!

  8. What a great quilt for a day of remembrance!

  9. Mmmmmmmm... now I am hungry for apple crisp. Thanks for the linky opportunity. :)

  10. great quilt!! but apple crisp - oh yum!


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