Monday, April 27, 2020

Design Wall Monday - April 27, 2020

Thanks for all of your birthday wishes last week, you made me feel special, even during these no physical contact times.  I did get a lot done.  I finished another May Basket block, and also made good progress on the redwork quilt border flowers.

The May Basket block directions said to use six strands of floss for the French knots, but after I made a few, I decided they were too big, and took them out.  I made the knots for the flowers with four strands, which still made big French knots.  

Here is a picture of the completed block:

Long ago, one of the redwork blocks got wet during the making of it; a water bottle spilled on it.  I saw that the red Perle cotton thread bled a little bit.  So now that I am near the finish of his project, I am heating up each piece in a pan on the stove with some “color catchers” to take out the extra red even before the quilt is assembled.  Here is the batch I finished on Sunday:  First picture is of the two piles of color catchers, from soaking #1 and #2, and the empty kettle.  

Next is the border piece in the cool down water (after-bath) so it is cooler for me to pick up to lay it out to dry.

And lastly, the border piece laid out to dry on the kitchen counter.  I am glad I am doing this before assembly, as it is more manageable in pieces.  But I would think that DMC Perle cotton would be colorfast.  It turns out that it is not.  The white background looks pink in the picture, but it is not.  Amateur photographer.

What progress are you making this week?  Please link up and show us!  Just provide a link back to this particular blog post from somewhere within yours.  Thanks!

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  1. Your basket is beautiful! Good catch with the embroidery thread. I soaked the floss I've been using in hot water before I started, that was a tangly mess to untangle! I'm hoping that took care of the problem for me. Take care, God bless!

  2. That was a lot of work, but you'll definitely be glad you took the time to do it. Love the basket! That is a lot of French knots!

  3. Lovely basket--I usually use 2 or e strands for French Knots--I have never tried 6; maybe it was for a certain look? Anyway they look great...
    ~ ~ ~ waving from afar Julierose

  4. Such a cute basket. Love those french knots.

  5. Your embroidery work is spectacular. My mom always received the Work Basket magazine many years ago, and there was a set of baskets like this in there. I remember stitching a few.

  6. Of course I love your basket. I've have never heard of using 6 strands for French knots. I used 3 once. But yours do stand out nicely which is good because they often get overwhelmed by the other embroidery.
    And never knew that red perle would bleed even a little. Good to know.

  7. Your embroidery is lovely. It tempts me to get back to some of mine.

  8. The embroidery is all beautiful. I use Retayne to wash anything the first time that contains highly saturated colors. Bought a big bottle online and put a few capfuls into the first wash. It sets the colors and I've never had anything bleed again afterward.

  9. Very pretty stitching. I cannot imagine wrestling 6 strands into a French knot. Obviously, the man who designed this had likely never attempted it, as you mentioned before! I haven't touched my cross-stitch for a week.

  10. That is a fabulous border! Thank G-- for color eaters!!! Can't wait to see the finish!!


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