Monday, May 11, 2020

Design Wall Monday - May 11, 2020

Happy Mother’s Day yesterday to all of you who are mothers.  

Since this coronavirus self-distancing is making me sad......and I am going a little bit mad.......I decided to sew PLAID fabric.  I am having the best time with it.  Yes, it is a little break from my 2020 UFO mission, but the plaids were calling me.  Here’s a little doll quilt that I added a plaid binding to this week.  Old Bear, my brother’s childhood friend, has his plaid mask on and is liking the new quilt.  

Here is the doll quilt alone:

I sorted all my plaid stash and made piles of plaid fabrics that I thought would play well with each other.  Then I sewed two quilt tops, and have a third one started.  I guess I missed my sewing machine!  Also, the plaids are so much fun.

Here is the first top, with a carpenter’s square block enlarged to  64” X 64” top.  Eight blocks by eight blocks, each finishing at 8” square.  All easy solid squares or hst blocks.

Next, I took one of the piles, ginghams, and made a baby quilt top:


Most of the ginghams are from my Mother’s stash, and many are a blend of cotton and polyester, very thin.  But it will do to put under a tiny baby.  Each strip is cut at 3 inches wide and the block finishes at 7.5 inches.  Quilt top is 30” by 45”.

Third quilt is made of squares cut at 6.5 inches, and another darker square of 4.5 inches put on a corner, then sewn thru a diagonal line on the smaller square, with the triangle flipped up over the corner.  Of course I saved the cut-away waste triangles for a small quilt later.  You know I did.  This quilt will be 8 blocks across and 9 blocks down, before borders.  I didn’t use any pattern for any of these tops, and had fun playing with designs.  On the pic below, ignore my blue plaid bedspread in the background, as my bed is my “design wall” at the cabin.

Also, it snowed yesterday here in Michigan!   In this picture you see the white flakes in the air, and my daffodils trying to be brave.  It wasn’t enough to cover the ground, but is the middle of May.  Enough already!

What have you been up to?  Please check in with a picture so we can go to your blog to read about it.  Don’t forget to provide a link back to this blog post from somewhere within your blog post.  

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  1. Crazy, crazy weather! We didn't get snow, but we got close to freezing on Saturday. Love your triple plaid play! Very fun quilts, all with very different looks.

  2. Plaid can make you glad, too! I am partial to homespuns and I have acquired a boatload of them....but your poly/cotton ginghams remind me of the first quilt I made when I lived in Fargo. The baby (son of a library staff member) will be 26 in June. (Oh, have my piecing and quilting abilities improved.)

  3. You've been busy! Stay safe and healthy! Blessings!

  4. The brown plaid quilt will make a perfect guy quilt. I have a bunch of homespuns and have been trying to figure out a pattern I would like to make using them. I will pin this for later if you don't mind. Thank you for including the size you cut.

  5. it has been cooler here in Arkansas off and on this spring too but no snow!! daughter in Wisconsin said they had sleet yesterday - what a weird spring

  6. Your gingham quilt would have paired nicely with my vintage fabrics. Snow, grr. We were 9 degrees colder here yesterday than we were on Christmas Day 2019 and it was 45 when I got up this morning. Normally we have the wood stove mess cleaned up and out of the house by now. Perhaps by July 4th. Thank you for the linky party.

  7. Though I know you're totally done with snow, the picture of those big flakes is pretty cool!

  8. Hi Judy, those are really cute quilts. It snowed on the weekend in Ottawa. Nothing to stay but still, it is getting late in the season. Take care.

  9. Wow, you were in a plaid mood! I love that last project, such a simple effort but such a neat effect.

  10. It sounds to me like you've become a poet as well! I happy to hear that plaids are brightening your days!

  11. Looks like you are being way more productive in the sewing than I am! Yesterday we stopped at a nursery and I got a BUNCH of flowering plants for my raised flower bed. Today we got them in, and it is filling in nicely! Of course, then I was off to the LQS and bought a couple yards of fabric... which will sit for the time being... just had to go buy fabric. Do you know that feeling?


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