Monday, December 20, 2021

Design Wall Monday - December 20, 2021

Good Morning Quilters!  This is the last Monday  before Christmas - are you ready?  I am not, but Christmas comes whether we are ready for it or not, doesn't it?  

In this week, I am reflecting back on the year almost gone, and thinking about the year to come.  Today, I'd like to repeat a post from a Christmas past:

Penny Lane showing me how to Chill

Finding quilting calm in the Christmas season:

Work on a project I know.  This season is not the time to learn a complicated new project.  I pull out a familiar project and it brings me peace to move it further along.

Make space to work.  I don’t have to have the whole quilt room clean and tidy  but I need to have the sewing machine area clear, and the ironing board empty and ready for pressing my seams.  If this is not possible, I find some hand stitching to relax me.

Choose my moments.  Some times in the day are not the best times for me to sew, but I try to seek out a half hour or an hour to sew because I know it feeds my soul.  Easier to do on some days than others.

Remember that quilting pleasure is about the process....not perfection.  There is so much self-imposed stress in December that it’s best for me to take a deep breath, relax and lose myself in the process of piecing, pressing, cutting, binding  my projects.  It helps me to work on something that has absolutely no time schedule for finishing.  

Two pictures from my home:  Ice Skaters on our coffee table:

In a perfect world, the skaters would have magnets on their feet, and I could put another magnet under the metal tray, and magically move them around.  Alas, they have no magnets, so I just pretend they are skating around their rink.

Our Christmas tree: 

The red and white ribbons and flags are Danish, snowflakes are either crocheted by me, or cut out of paper (scherenschnitte).  Gingerbread man was made by one of our grandsons, years ago.  

This week I'm also making Christmas cookies for our church's Christmas Eve service.  I like to make and bake cookies, but at my age, I can't eat very many, so this is a great solution for me.  I am making 10 dozen cookies (2 dozen of five different kinds).  If I remember, I will take a picture of some of them to show you next week.  Thankfully, there are no calories for me in cookies I give away.

I’m looking forward to your link and seeing what you are doing this Christmas week.  And have you have given any thought to goals for 2022?  Please provide a link back to this particular blog post from somewhere within your current post.  Thank you.  And MERRY CHRISTMAS to all!

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  1. What a great post! I agree with every one of your techniques for finding quilting calm over the holidays. I love your ice skaters!

  2. Just a lovely tree you've decorated there!! I am done with any Christmas gift sewing and just cruising along here--doing a bit of clean up in my room a little at a time...watching crafting youtube videos and generally trying to rest before the Holiday weekend...
    MERRY CHRISTMAS, hugs, Julierose

  3. Such a good reminder for all of us, Judy. Keep calm and enjoy the coming of Christ. I'm praying for your sister. How's she doing this week?

  4. A wonderful post, Judy with wise words. I like how your sentiments include so many things that are good for our spirits. Lovely photos too and pretty Penny. Merry Christmas to you!

  5. These are great tips. Well worth remembering. The flags look so festive on the tree.

  6. quilting is calming! We are pretty much ready for the holidays here - my goals for next year for quilting is to keep on with the RSC group using up the scrap basket with a selected color each month - mabye 3 quilts again this coming year like I did this year - finishing up the 3rd one this month.

  7. What wonderful ideas. I do try to sew a bit every day... and I love the days I can devote most of the day to being in my studio. I haven't thought much about goals this year. Although I know I am going to participate in the Rainbow Scrap Challenge again and I'm going to participate in a UFO challenge too. (Or at least that is the plan.) I love cookies but don't make them too often because I want to eat all of them. I hope you have a wonderful holiday season.

  8. Hi Judy, I love your insights into how to keep sewing during the holidays! I love your Danish Christmas tree. You will certainly appreciate my Christmas father and mother, given to me by my brother's parents-in-law years ago. They are Danish and my niece and nephew are in Denmark celebrating with their grandmother right now. I hope that you have a great Christmas! Thanks as always for the linking party.

  9. Those are great insights!!
    I have one more Client quilt and then... it is my time... I like your points!!


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