Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Oy Vey Orca Bay

Well, it's been a week about learning to look closely at red colors.  Let me explain.

I made a quilt last year, following Bonnie Hunter's Orca Bay pattern.  When it came back from the quilter, with beautiful feathered stitches, I was going to use black, or maybe white binding.  Friends visiting me this summer in Michigan advised - "Oh, use red!  That would really look good."  Well, the red fabric matching the other pieces in the quilt was back here in Virginia, so now the quilt is back home with me in Virginia, and I made the binding this week.

I like to cut bias binding - a lot of it, because I don't like to run out - and when I was almost ready to sew it on.......I noticed that the red was not the same color red fabric that I'd used in the Orca Bay quilt!  

I dug through my red stash, and found another red, and made more sashing - a lot of it, because (see above) - and checked it to be sure before I sewed it onto the quilt.  It is the right red, and looks great!  My friends were right, red was the right choice.

Here's a picture of my finished Orca Bay quilt, with the lovely red binding!

I decided to name this quilt "Oy Vey Orca Bay".  I don't know much Yiddish, but I like the rhyming sound of it.  And Oy Vey, next time I'll look a little closer at the color of the red fabric I'm using before I cut long pieces of bias binding.  

I'm working on Lori's little quilt-a-long, and will post a picture of it when I have it finished.  If you want to join in with with her, the website is:  Here are the four blocks I have so far:

These blocks measure 5 inches unfinished, 4.5 finished.  Four blocks made, sixteen to go.  Tomorrow should be a good day to work on this little gem.


  1. Love it! It turned out awesome -- and I like the red binding!

  2. that red binding is the right one!! Well done. I am sewing the binding on mine this week...another one DONE!

  3. I started an Orca Bay this summer. I have put it aside for now because I'm making myself finish quilts for two granddaughters for Christmas. One is ready to be quilted, and the other is still in the piecing stage. I love the picture of yours, everything shows up so well. And yes, the red is the perfect color for the binding. I will have to keep that in mind. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Your Orca Bay is gorgeous-- another stunner! Thanks for sharing the story, too!

  5. Your Orca Bay is beautiful - I think it is one of the prettiest I have seen. The colors are just stunning.

    Your little quilt is coming along nicely too. Very cute. :)


  6. Your orca bay quilt is lovely and your friends were right about the red binding!!
    Love your mountain trails and the prints you used are lovely!! Woot-Woot!

  7. The quilt is beautifuol, the binding perfect for it and your Yiddish is flawless. I coudn't help but laugh out loud at the caption of the post - thank you for that.

  8. Yes, the red binding looks great and so does the quilting. Well done! Love the color combination.

  9. Your quilt is very stunning! The red is perfect.


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