Monday, October 1, 2012

This and That - Several Projects This Week

Since I returned home, I've worked on several projects, and have had some trouble with one of them.  Block #4, from the Barbara Brackman (BB) block of the week, was a puzzling one, but I finished it.  Here's how:

I looked at all the other people's solutions to piecing it, and looked at my own skills, and decided to do a combination of machine piecing, and hand applique.

Here are most of the pieces (cut out last week) ready to assemble:

If I machine pieced it, I knew I would be using the seam ripper a lot.....that didn't appeal to me.  If I hand pieced it, it would take me forever...not appealing either.  So I decided to first machine piece segments.

Here are the back side of a couple of the three piece segments, with the edge turned under, ready for the next step:

Then I arranged them on the ironing board, and fanned them out to overlap
each other:

Hmmmm, I need to close the gap!  This is how it would have probably turned out if I'd machine pieced the whole thing.  After adjusting the pieces, I have it how I want it:

I pinned everything and appliqued the seams to get the "sunflower" petals.  Then I appliqued a black circle over the center hole, and to finish it, I cut an 8.5 inch black fabric piece, and cut a hole in the middle of it and appliqued it over the above piece.  Voila!

Here are the blocks for BB's Suffragette quilt so far:

I'm also working on Lori's ( little quilt, and have made little four patches that are made from pieces that finish at 3/4 inch wide.  That is, each square shown below is 2x2 inches unfinished.

Aren't they cute little guys?  


  1. Fantastic! I know you are not alone for I have read several other bloggers having the same problems. Surely your tutorial will be very helpful. Your block turned out wonderful.


  2. They are indeed very cute! All of your blocks are lovely!

  3. Wow! You are a genius to figure out a wonderful way to put the sunflower block together! It looks fantastic!!
    I'm so excited about the Mountain Trail quilt:)

  4. Love your color choices in the black and orange quilt...lovely! Love that cheddar! I'm a new follower. Have enjoyed rummaging through your posts!


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