Monday, June 2, 2014

Sewing on the Porch

This week has been a week of adjustments in the quilting area.  My sweet dog Sally is unable to climb the stairs to join me in the quilt room, and as she ages, I like to keep an eye on her while I work, so I just bought an old Singer 404 machine, and I can sew downstairs on the porch, with Sally at my side. It's a win, win.  The machine was $40, all refurbished and ready to go.  It was one of the last metal Singers that were sold to high schools for use in Home Ec 101.  Straight stitching is all I need most of the time.

New sewing area on the screened porch:

Another adjustment was a change in the size of the turkey feathers I'm using in the border of Talkin' Turkey.  The feathers didn't look large enough, so I enlarged my pattern, and am making feathers again.  I don't know about you, but I'm tired of talkin' about Talkin' Turkey.  Need to get it off my design wall, but it's still up there.  Here's a picture of the larger turkey feather, and some in the process of being made:

The trip to buy the sewing machine was a serendipity.  The machine was in Petersbury area, and we stopped in City Point, VA, where General Grant had his headquarters during the siege of Petersburg.  Lincoln spent five days there with Grant during the war.  It's a beautiful piece of land jutting out where two rivers join, and was a beautiful place to take a little walk.  Here are a few pictures from our walk:
General Grant's family cabin

Headquarters of Union Soldiers
It was a perfect day!  The sky was so blue and the clouds were cotton puffs.

Crossing a river on the way home
I am linking up with Design wall Monday's at patchwork times today.  (Here)


  1. Great deal on the machine!
    I think the larger turkey feathers are a good call. : )

  2. What a great idea to add the feathers to your Talkin' Turkey quilt! Such fun.

  3. I have often thought of taking a sewing machine out into the screened porch area but just seems like such a lot to move around for a short period of sewing time. Now it is too hot here to do it.

  4. Great buy on the sewing machine! Love the feathers! How nice that Sally can join you on the porch while you sew!

  5. I like the bigger feathers. I'd make them bigger yet :) and curved so they crossed into the patchwork sashing occasionally. Since you never have anything to do haha. Did Sally get her mail from the boys?
    Can't believe we got the same machine the same day. The seller hasn't written back to my query about the history, so in typical hairdresser fashion, I'll make it up :)

  6. Judy I've just been winding bobbins on my 404. I'm missing the post that goes in that corner but across the top and over works just as well. But it reminded me of a tip from my sewing machine guy, Rather than just under the bobbin thread guide, don't just wind the thread under and up in a L shape, run the thread across the bobbin thread guide, under and back up the other side. The bobbin winds a lot more evenly, on mine anyway.

    I've been cleaning up, not much to do in that department except old scotch tape glue. It is all oiled, hooray, the motor never needs owner lubing. I know that is what is wrong with my featherweight but I just don't want to start messing with it, because I don't care for the machine, cute as it is.

  7. Congratulations on your "new" machine. Nothing beats a good mechanical machine. I have a 301 and a 401.


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