Monday, June 9, 2014

A Tisket, A Tasket, A New Quilt With Baskets

Back in April, I showed you these basket blocks that I made for an exchange:

Now that the exchange has been made, I am starting a replica of an old quilt with them.  The directions have been figured out for me thanks to Lori, the blogger at Humble Quilts Here.  Thanks Lori!  The original quilt can be seen in the quilt index Here

The original quilt:

The quilt has been bookmarked in my copy of the book "New Jersey Quilts 1777 to 1950" for a long time.  I love the touch of yellow in a few of the block backgrounds.  I may do that too.  It's on page 109, if you have the book.  I know my quilt has baskets, and this one has stars, but I think it will look great with baskets too.

My pink and green zigzag fabrics are both "Judie's Authentic Miniatures" from Judie Rothermel, Marcus Brothers.

Sally has approved of it, but is not too excited yet because she knows it will take a long time to get to the stage where she can lay on it. 

It's Monday, so I'm going over to Patchwork Times to look at other design walls.  (Here)


  1. I love how this basket quilt is going to look! It is going to be fun to watch your progress. I also agree about the shots of yellow, it adds such a sparkle. What I love the most about antique quilts are the shots of the unexpected--we tend to be so matchy-matchy these days and tend to loose those magic touches. I also missed a few of your posts. I really like the idea of the feathers in the the border of your Talkin' Turkey. Brilliant!

  2. ohmygosh! you are so patient with those "little" pieces--I find my problem is with a basic (you'd think I'd know this!!) 1/4" seam allowance on my Helga! I can even move the needle--BUT when I do to get it--a lot of the fabric is not pulled through by the feed dogs--aaargh--and my 1/4" foot attachment is too light to really hold the fabric --I wish now I had gotten a Pfaff...oh well--I will stmble along....anyhoo....I love those petite cute hugs, Julierose

  3. What a fun collection of baskets! Will you have them all face the same way or split them down the middle--or some other arrangement?

  4. Hi Judy

    I too love the quilt that Lori featured with the stars. I've had it bookmarked for probably a year and a half. Yes, baskets would look great with this design. Can't wait to see how it plays out for you. You go girl.

  5. this has always been one of my favorite quilts in the book too, that pink and green together always gets me.
    LOVE your baskets, great idea to use this setting with baskets….can't wait to see it as a top!
    thanks for sharing…

  6. I think that will be a fantastic way to set those blocks! And pink and green is always a great color combo!

  7. I absolutely love your baskets!! They are going to look fabulous in the setting you have chosen! I look forward to watching your progress!

  8. Your quilt is going to be wonderful. I love the zig zag setting

  9. Love the setting and the colours. I'm sure you'll have this new bed (!) for Sally whipped up in no time....can't let Sally be sad for long.....

  10. I love that quilt too and have seen it on Lori's blog. She is my inspiration! Maybe someday I will make one with sawtooth stars - one of my favorite blocks. Your fabric looks perfect and I know it will be lovely with the baskets.


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