Thursday, June 12, 2014

To Sally, a Tribute to a Labrador Retriever

To our Sally, the most kind and loving pet I've ever owned:

Born:  May 6, 2000
Died:  June 10, 2014

She was my constant companion:

Helping me with quilt photos:

Comforting Lloyd after a Michigan State loss:

Sally at the lake:  Someone threw a stick into the water!!! Don't worry, I'll go get it for you!!!

I'll have it for you in just a minute!

Come-on Dad.....throw that stick into Lake Michigan for me!

At the Dunes, on Hamlin Lake, enjoying her favorite job, retrieving:

After a walk, she would select one stick to carry back home, for her "collection" of sticks on the porch:

She loved to ride in the boat with us, and would stand at the bow, with her nose into the wind, ears flapping in the breeze.  I couldn't find a picture of that memory, but here is one with Sally and two of our grandsons, Skyler and Hunter, and our granddog, Charlie, with me on the boat.

She was so kind and gentle with babies, here with Anderson:

Granddog Zeke and our Sally, about to enjoy "snowman" pancakes, a treat from grandsons Hunter and Skyler:

Her legacy lives on in seven wonderful beautiful puppies, each one perfect. They made our Christmas card priceless one year:

Red plaid bows on the girls, green plaid bows on the boys

Pictures of some of her puppies:  
Maggie, now a therapy dog, with her owner's daughter Tori

Lexi, with her owner Lisa
Beau with his family
Bruiser, helping his owner George drive
This quilting blog will return to quilting related subjects with the next post.  I am so thankful I have quilting to help me through my grief.  Please pray for me.  Thanks.


  1. Such a sweet tribute to Sally, who obviously brought joy to so many people. I love your photos -- especially that puppy picture! We recently lost our nearly 17-year old shepherd/lab mix, Lucy, and I still miss her terribly.

  2. What a sweet dog!! Retrievers are the best - I know, I had a golden for 12 glorious years. I still miss her and it's been 10 years since she passed away. I know you are sad but I am sure Sally made your life so much richer that you will also feel such love and fondness every time you think about her.

  3. Our yellow Lab was Sunny. She lived to be 14. We got her when she looked like one of Sally's puppies. I understand.

  4. I am so sorry to hear that you have lost your Sally. We love our sweet doggie companions so much and they become such an important part of our lives! You have wonderful memories of your her! You will be in my thoughts and prayers!

  5. Prayers being sent. . . . the loss of a beloved companion is never easy. I lost my Bogart (a Westie) almost 6 years ago. Sally looks like she had a wonderful life & that is the blessing. Hugs,

  6. So sorry to hear of your best friend's passing. I lost my Winnie (Eng. Springer) many years ago and I still miss her exuberant and loving personality. When I taught piano she would come and sit under the keyboard and put her head on my students' pedal foot--she was a character.
    I hope that all your memories will be as sweet as the pictures in your post. Hugs, my heart goes out to you...julierose

  7. I'm so, so sorry to hear of your loss. Losing a dog is so horrible. Hugs!!!

  8. What a beautiful tribute to your beloved Sally. I'm so sorry for your loss. So many memories fill those 14 years. Sally rests peacefully knowing the wonderful life you gave her.

  9. So sorry to hear of your loss Judy, maybe she is playing with our big girl Molly who died last month? So hard to say Goodbye. Wish I could say something comforting to you..but take comfort in your photos and memories.

  10. So sorry to hear about your dog. I can only imagine what you're going through. Hugs and prayers as you adjust to life without Sally.

  11. I am so sorry, thinking of you.

  12. Awe, what a sad a beautiful post.
    your Sally looks like she was a very special dog and friend.
    I LOVE the puppy photo - so cute!
    take care xx

  13. We lost our 14 year old schnauzer on Easter. Mt thoughts and prayers to you. We all have been there!

  14. I am so sorry to hear of your loss. Sally was a special friend indeed. I have been in your shoes and it's hard. Please know I'm thinking about you.

  15. My heart goes out to you... I understand the gravity of this loss. Sally was a fabulous example of what a dog can add to your life. She was a terrific neighbor, and we will miss her with you. Sending you lots of prayers and cyber-hugs. (P.S. Your house just went up for sale yesterday. Please come back; all is forgiven.) xoxooxoxox

  16. So terribly sorry for your loss Judy!
    I hope all the fond memories will ease your grief.
    Sending big comforting hugs and prayers to you & your family.

  17. Such a sweet post for a very special pet. She certainly was a loyal friend and quilting advisor. A gift from God that enriched your lives for 4 years with very sweet memories.

  18. So sorry for your loss - it is awful to lose a beloved pet. Sending hugs and prayers to you!

  19. What a beautiful post in memory of a sweet fur family member. I am so sorry for your loss. We just loss our 15 yr old Gus. Its so hard, but it looks like you have wonderful memories and Sally was loved greatly. Will be keeping you in prayer.

  20. My heart and prayers are with you also, and many hugs too. I am so sorry for your loss.

  21. I am so sorry for your loss. Our canine friends bring us so much joy, but they never live long enough.

  22. I'm so sorry for your loss. Sally was a faithful friend and companion to you and your family for many years and will surely be missed. I hope as time passes, the good memories of her will bring smiles and comfort.


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