Monday, September 10, 2018

Design Wall Monday - September 10, 2018

Well not quilting, but I did do some hand work this week.  I've been knitting Christmas stockings for my son's family and I'm almost finished with the final four.  I have to add hanging loops at the top, and line the stockings with muslin, add some buttons to the gingerbread man, and then I will have this project finished!  It will be good to get back to quilting again.

We've had heavy rainstorms, lightening, and thunder up at the cabin.  I took three pictures of different parts of the same tree in our woods, where lightening struck the tree.  There is a six to eight inch strip of bark missing where the jolt went down the trunk to the bottom.  Such power!

 Top of the tree

On down the tree

To the forest floor!

Design Wall Monday is upon us again, and I welcome any quilter to join in the picture show.  Please refer back to this particular blog post of mine, somewhere within your blog post.  Thanks for sharing!  You make my Mondays fun.  I hope you did more quilting that I did this week!


  1. The stockings are really cute! Sometimes it's nice to switch it up a bit and do something other than stitching. Thankfully we've lucked out on the stormy weather here. It's been rainy, but not stormy.

  2. Born near stockings are lovely and sure to become heirlooms to be enjoyed for many years. I think it's good to take a break in whatever craft you're interested in, it brings a renewed joy whenever you go back. Happy Monday.

  3. Those are adorable stockings! They will be a family heirloom for sure!
    Interesting photos of the lightning damage!

  4. These are so cute. I wish I could follow a knitting pattern. Thank you for the linky party. Hope nothing besides the tree was hurt.

  5. Wow for the stockings! What a labor of love to add the names and everything. We have lightning extremely rarely here on the coast, so I have never seen damage like that. So impressive.

  6. The stockings are very nice. I'm sure they will hold some Christmas goodies when it is time. Wow that lightning sure did a good job on the tree.

  7. Cute socks.
    I think what happens is the energy from the bolt, heats the sap and the quick expansion 'blows' the bark off the tree along the track. We had this happen to a maple in our front yard when I was a kid. Blew the dirt away from the trunk at the point it went into the ground also. It healed and the tree is still there some 30+ years later.

  8. Lightening struck a tree in our yard that is only about 30 feet from the house. Made a strip all the way up (down?) the tree. This was 2 summers ago and the tree still lives! Very scary as we were in the living room with the curtains closed and the strike lit up the whole room!
    Cute stockings!

  9. Hi Judy, Thanks for sharing those pictures of the lightning hit on the tree. Pretty incredible! Your Christmas stockings are lovely.

  10. Those knitted stockings are true treasures! It's fun to see what other projects quilters busy themselves with when they aren't quilting.
    I hope the tree continues to thrive after the lightning strike. That must have been scary, and loud!


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