Monday, September 17, 2018

Design Wall Monday - September 17, 2018

This week I picked up this quilt from my longarm machine quilter.  It's a quilt that I've blogged about before.  Read my first post ( Here )   Named "Hearts and Apron Strings".

The quilt is designed by Sharon Schamber and the directions were in a series of Quiltmaker's Newsletter Magazines fourteen years ago.  I am so glad it is getting finished.  

The quilt was started by someone else, and is being finished by me.  I still have the binding to put on it.

We have had company most of the week, and I've been taking care of a neighbor's dog, plus training our own not much being worked on in the quilt room.  This cartoon made me laugh this week, so true for me....

Every week I think I will have more time to look at all of the linked blogs, and comment on all your projects, and I don't.  I failed greatly this past week, and I am sorry.  I will try again this coming week.

Please show everyone what you are working on, and what is on your design wall this Monday.  It's open to anyone with a quilting blog, to link up and let us in on your progress.  All I ask is that you link back to this particular blog post somewhere within your blog post.  Thanks!


  1. I've always thought this quilt was a lovely pattern. The quilt turned out beautiful! Have a great week, see you in 5 weeks!

  2. Hearts and Apron Strings is beautiful. It definitely deserves to be a finished quilt. Do you get to keep it or does it go to live with someone else? Hope you have more time for stitching this week.

  3. The quilt is lovely, Judy. Kudos to you for rescuing it and getting it finished. I miss Quilter's Newsletter, especially the 1990's editions. As for that feeling of tidying/finishing? It doesn't occur to me very often!

  4. P.S. About blog-reading -- I have an informal goal of clicking on and commenting on six posts per link up. I don't always manage to do it, but I try. I appreciate comments on my posts, so I try to do the same.

  5. I am glad I actually posted something this week....I am very behind in blog reading....The quilt finished out beautifully!

  6. that is so pretty Judy, I remember hounding you to hound Bonnie for the pattern for me. And then I couldn't figure out the directions. My on the go in the 5th wheel is a blooming nine patch in 30's. Too hot down here in the south (Mississippi today) to get the machine out and sit at the picnic table. :)

  7. Sweet, old-fashioned quilt. I love the scalloped border.
    A clean sewing room? Not on my horizon...

  8. A lovely quilt. I can only imagine the challenge of finishing a quilt begun by someone else. Great job! I always enjoy seeing your work. It is very inspirational. Even though I am posting today, I looked earlier at all the linkups at the time posted at my earlier visits and there were absolute stunners and very interesting projects. I can spend loads of time looking and admiring. Thanks for sharing your inspiration and that of others, too. I always think of Penny Lane. I'm still contemplating a service dog - it'll be at least next summer as plans are now. I appreciate your kind input.

  9. Hearts and Strings is GORGEOUS!!! I remember seeing that one in QNM! Congratulations!


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