Monday, November 16, 2020

Design Wall Monday - November 16, 2020

The weeks keep flying by, don't they?  My index card bundle of UFO projects is still quite large, but some projects are getting finished.  But the year will soon be ending!  For 2021, I think I will relist all my UFOs and work on them in the order of "almost finished" and "nearly complete" separated from "just started" and "fabric and a pattern idea in a box".  

The process of writing down all of my UFOs has prevented me from starting new projects this year.....almost.  Confession time:  My good friend, Joan Brink, comes over on Monday nights for a quilting/sewing evening and recently she shared a new quilt she was starting from an old Fons and Porter book.   I said - "I have that same book, and I like that quilt too!"  And so I broke all of my rules, and started a new quilt in 2020.  I guess if I make the rules, I can break the rules........irrational thinking is quite normal for me.  :)

The book is Quick Quilts from the Heart, and the pattern is "single wedding ring".  "Valley Junction" is the name of the quilt in the book and it is designed by Marilyn Parks.  She features 20 blocks set on point with some neutral squares in between that give lots of space for custom quilting.  

Joan has just completed her quilt top, and I have 15 of the 20 blocks made.  All five of my remaining blocks are cut and ready for assembly.  So this quilt will not set me back on my UFO goals very much, as I hope to get the top ready for the long arm quilter by next week.  

Here is a close-up of my fabric.  There are little red somethings (I'm calling them strawberries) with green leaves at the top.  Of course I had to orientate all the strawberries in the same direction.  lol  It was easy though.

It looks pretty bland right now, but maybe that is the way it will be.   I might add something-something in a border.  Don't know just yet.  I have a solid reddish brown as a possible wide border, but nothing is saying yes right now.

What are you working on this week?  This Covid 19 pandemic is really raging here.  It is good that we have quilting as something to keep us calm during the tempests of the world, right?   And it is the perfect thing to do in solitary when we have to stay put.

Thanks for linking with Design Wall Mondays.  I appreciate all of you so much.  Please link up again this week and show us what you are working on.  And please stay safe and healthy.

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  1. Your fabric in the new quilt is very pretty in the close up photo. The blocks are probably brighter in real life than in the picture. I'm rolling some unfinished projects over to next year too. Happy stitching!

  2. Cute Strawberries. I like the pattern and can't wait to see it finished. I have been a bad girl this year. I've had more new starts than I ever do. But, I'm working on my UFOs too. So, I suppose trying for a balance this year is not a bad thing.

  3. it is so hard to not start a new quilt! I'm trying hard not to start a new one until January at least LOL - will I stick to that? doubtful

  4. Of course! If you write the rules, you get to add amendments to them!!! This si going to be beautiful!!

  5. I don't see a bland quilt at all. The block is what I've known as Crown of Thorns. I love the layout so far. The layout can sure take an ordinary block and make for a spectacular quilt.

    I've been working on my UFO/WIP list too. Yikes! Too many things on it even though I've finished a lot this year.

  6. I have that F&P book, too, and I leaf through it every so often. Single Wedding Ring is one of those classic patterns that can be interpreted in any fabric genre with great success. (I used shabby chic florals for SWR that was an actual wedding gift. Cathy in Iowa has been making a scrappy series.) But yours in CW prints -- you have given me an idea!

  7. Hey, do what calls to you. It's a great block but seems labor intensive to me! (I've noticed I've been making easier and easier blocks recently.) As for UFOs -- I try to review yearly but I don't always succeed. But I started out finishing quite a few to tops. Once a top they go to a "to-be-quilted" list. Not really a UFO but not a finish either. It is progress even if it isn't a finish. Enjoy the week and stay safe too.

  8. Of course you can break the rules! And it looks like you’re off to a great start with the new quilt.


  9. I have made this block pattern twice. The first time was for a block swap. I made the block 25" square. I don't remember if I had 9 or 12 blocks for the top along with a border on three sides. It is still just a top. In a pile. Somewhere.

    The second time I made this design was for my eldest daughter's wedding quilt. The pattern was in a QNM issue and they had titled the block "English Wedding Ring". Since she was marrying an Englishman, it was the perfect design. I set it on point. It had a light blue batik background with assorted dark and medium blue and green batiks. Each block had a different print.
    I am sure your quilt will be lovely, the contrast between the two fabrics is good.

  10. Hi Judy, you make the can break them :-) If it's got extra space for some great FMQ then it's going to be great. Isn't it fun to go back to our older books and patterns? Good luck and enjoy your sewing time and thanks so much for hosting! Take care.

  11. I have that same F&P book and didn't realize it had the pattern for the single wedding ring block. I'm working on a wedding quilt for a dear friend and just made the first 4 blocks. I linked my post and was happy to see your blocks. Can't wait to see your finished quilt.

  12. Good progress! I've been toying with making a quilt in that pattern as well.

  13. Wow, that's a very effective block. Lovely!

  14. That looks like a great project to break your rule for! I have a baby quilt to bind, label and wash this weekend so that I can get it wrapped up and delivered soon, as the baby arrived a few weeks early!


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