Monday, November 9, 2020

Design Wall Monday - November 9, 2020

Good Morning Quilters!   This week has been a week where several projects were worked on, nothing was finished completely, and some cleaning of the quilt room happened.  Actually, a very little bit of cleaning, but some happened.  Some weeks are like that.

The only quilting to show you is that the broken dishes doll quilt will now have a border of hsts.  It looked too plain, and I got out my shoebox of little triangles so the border is selected, but not sewn yet.  So went this week.  lol

I do have a report on the durability of the computer printer labels.  Remember this post (Here) where I talked about how I make quilt labels using my computer printer.  Several people questioned whether these labels would remain readable after several washings.  I wondered too.

After researching ways to make them more lasting through several washes, I found this product:  "Textile Medium" which is used to mix with acrylic paint to turn it into washable fabric paint.  I reasoned that if I used it by itself, it would be a "clear" product that would make the label washable.  So I painted it on a label with a paint brush and let it dry 24 hours.

This worked, and here is a picture of a label that I have washed at least 10 times in the washing machine with whites loads, on regular cycle.  I basted it onto a white piece of muslin so it would be bigger and I wouldn't lose it in the laundry.  It holds up very well, but it has one drawback:  it is very stiff.  It was just too stiff for me.

After thinking about it for a while, I reasoned that the product was to be mixed with acrylic paints (water soluble paints).  Why couldn't I just mix it with plain water in the same ratio, and use that mixture to make the computer label permanent and washable.  So that is what I did.

These labels have been painted with a solution of one part Textile Medium to two parts water, and painted on the fabric.  I let it dry for 24 hours, and it is a little stiffer than before painting it, but not so stiff that it bothers me.  I am using these labels for current quilts in progress, and feel confident that they will hold up through time.

This Tulip Textile Medium product was purchased at Hobby Lobby and is 8 ounces for $6.99, which will last me quite a while.  I mixed a capful of it with two capfuls of water in a little plastic bin I had and used an old paint brush.  Water cleaned the brush and the little bin after I used them, and all is ready to use again.  I put the labels on a big plastic bin lid to paint them, so drips would be on the lid.

What is up with you?  I hope you have more to show for your work this week that I did.  I so enjoy seeing all of your pictures and your beautiful projects.  Please link up with Design Wall Monday, and remember to mention this blog and put this post's link into your post somewhere.  Thanks!

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  1. Some weeks it seems like there isn't much accomplished then some weeks there are a lot! Thanks for the information about the labels. Are you still embroidering baskets? Happy stitching!

  2. I've used computer generated quilt labels for years and haven't had an issue with them fading. The only problem I've had with them is if there is strong color on the back of the quilt, it can over time "tint" the label. They are still readable, just not as bright as they once were. But my labels have all been made on printers that are meant for printing photographs, so the ink may be a lot more durable (it's definitely a lot more expensive). But thanks for the tip on the textile medium, it sounds like a great way to ensure the labels hold up long term.

  3. So timely! I’m about to label several quilts and wanted to improve their permanence!

  4. I'm going to hunt down some of that. I sometimes use the special sheets for labels but not all the time. I appreciate you doing the "work" of finding an answer for us. Kate makes really gorgeous color labels. It's good to hear that the special ink for photographs works. At one time we bought an Epson printer as someone had reported some label results and their ink did the best. Unfortunately, the printer didn't work well trying to run fabric sheets through it. Sigh. Have a good week whether super productive or just a great week hanging at home and reading.

  5. I paint on fabric a lot... textile medium is already added to textile paints like SETA and Jacquard. It is stiff unless diluted. Thanks for sharing your findings.
    Over the years Ive discovered which "permanent" inks stand the test of washing and sunlight too. Some of them fade within a couple years.

  6. Thank you so much for the info about labels. I have been fighting with making some that don't fade, wash out or smear. I tried using vinegar to set the ink-no good. Someone else suggested getting waterproof ink--yea, that isn't going to happen. This will work! Thanks so much.

  7. What a great idea, Judy! Thanks for doing the research and experimentation!

  8. Darling doll quilt. I love the combination of broken dishes, solid alternate block, and the sawtooth border. Really nice.

  9. That is wonderful research that you have shared with us. I need to do labels.

  10. Some weeks are like that. It's all good. Thank you for sharing the info on labels. Will have to try the textile medium and glad you mentioned it needs to be diluted.

  11. Such a great idea to print your labels!


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