Monday, November 2, 2020

Design Wall Monday - November 2, 2020

Well it’s election week here in the United States.  I hope everyone who is a citizen votes November 3rd!  I am looking forward to going to the polls and casting my vote tomorrow.  I know a lot of you probably voted early.

In honor of our patriotic duty to vote, I finished my red, white, and blue plaid star quilt.  It now has a new bright red binding, and finished at 61.5 inches square. I would like to make a Quilts of Valor quilt someday, and checked with their requirements and this one is slightly too small.  I will make another one and add a border.  More incentive to get these UFOs out of the way.

Here is a picture of the stars and stripes in the quilting:

Penny Lane enjoying the quilt while I write this blog.

I have worked on several smaller projects this week too.  One was to finish a block that I found partially finished for a Jane Stickle indigo and shirting UFO.  I found the partially completed block while looking for something else——and finished it up, and put it with the completed blocks for this project.  Every little bite of the elephant gets me closer to getting the UFOs completed, right?

What are you doing this week?  I saw several quilts on your blogs this last week that made me want to start a new project.  For now, I am standing firm in my resolve, but I am weakening.  I do like the temptations though!  Please keep them coming and link up with a picture of your current project.  My only request is that you talk up Design Wall Monday on your post and also provide a link in your post that links back to this particular blog post.

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  1. Dear Jane in indigo and shirting? Sounds wonderful, I'd love to see more of those blocks. This sounds like a great project to work on this winter. If you'd keep working on the blocks, you could have the flimsy finished by retreat in April! That is if we have a retreat in April. Happy stitching!

  2. A very fun finish! And congrats on finding the wayward block, getting it finished and getting it stashed with it's mates. Nothing more frustrating then trying to finish a UFO and realize you have blocks missing. You are moving along on your projects this year. I agree there are lots of temptations up on people's design walls. I'm doing my best to resist by reminding myself I get to play along with the next Bonnie Hunter Mystery. Unfortunately the only way to whittle down the UFO list is to finish more than you start!

  3. Love the plaids Judy! I make Veterans lap quilts to donate to them. They can only be a max width of 40 inches. I'll have to search for that pattern and see if I can cut it down to a smaller size.

    Love the Jane block! I, like Gretchen, would love to see more of those blocks of yours in the indigo and shirtings.

  4. I need to stop starting new things! I have finished them, but my UFO completions are lower than I like. But, I'm having fun and finishing things, so that is a plus. I've been cleaning too, so that takes time.
    Love your indigo and shirting combination.

  5. awe Penny lane is so so so pretty. Your patriotic quilt is stunning...
    we were able to cast our ballots last week at the drop box. A brilliant way to spread out the numbers of people. LeeAnna

  6. The Carpenter's Star in patriotic plaids is lovely -- I can imagine it enlarged with, perhaps, rows of HSTs on the top and bottom borders and just slab borders on the sides....Yesterday's Chicago Tribune had a story about people who AREN'T going to vote. They never have and they don't see any reason to start now. It is inconceivable to me to NOT vote. We got our mail-in ballots and returned them early.

    P.S. You are one of the inspirations for me with my Civil War Repro project.

  7. The star quilt looks wonderful in plaid. Great fabric choices and I like the quilting design too.

    We have already voted, and I'm sure hoping for some peace in this country again. But I'm not feeling very optimistic about it.

  8. This is so beautiful - I adore plaids - and what a great way to showcase them! Beautiful!!!

  9. Love your quilting motif! It makes for a perfect project.

  10. That would make a terrific Quilt of Valor with a couple borders.
    Isn't it wonderful how we find hidden treasures and partially finished items?!?

  11. Some day I will make a Carpenters Star. I really like the R,W, & B of it. Terrific quilting too. Kudos for finishing the "found" block. Isn't that the truth... I find all sorts of ideas that I think I want to make. I need to do a bit more finishing before I start another new one though. (Well, maybe... I'd like to use one of the Accuquitl Dies I've gotten but haven't used. Hum, one was a Christmas present and the other was a "me" present. Sigh...)

  12. Your star quilt came out just beautiful, Judy! You did an amazing job keeping all of the plaids perfectly straight in the triangle patches so the seam lines just disappear. I would not be able to give that one away.

  13. Hi Judy, I really love the look of your quilt. Penny Lane obviously approves :-) Take care.

  14. What a great quilt - certainly a good theme for this week! Lots of great quilts to tempt you on this week’s post!


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