Tuesday, September 9, 2014

A New Quilt Book Today!

To prepare for the move, I'm determined to go through all of the "hot spots" in this house and get rid of things we no longer need.  I made a list of 12 areas, and today I chose a number at random from the list, #7.   It was "cookbooks stored in the vintage Hoosier cabinet."  For years I've collected cookbooks, thinking that somehow they would make me an unbelievable cook.  Well, I am a decent cook but I find that I cook less and less in my senior years, and when I try something new, I usually search for recipes on the internet.  Hence, I need to unload a lot of cookbooks.  

I loaded up a big bin of books and took them to the local used book store, Book Exchange of Williamsburg.  They take books from customers, giving them "store credit" value, that can be used to buy other books from their store.   After the transaction, I had $40 in credit, and found one book that I wanted to buy with my credit.

Look what I bought:

It has a whole chapter on doll quilts, and several lovely doll quilts I would like to replicate, plus I have $32 in store credit for later visits to their store!

Here's two lovely old doll quilts from my new treasure book:

I hope someone else will be enjoying the cookbooks that they will find on their shelves as much as I'm going to enjoy this new book.  

Who knows what adventures will happen when I tackle the next listed area in my house.  I know whatever it is, I can have some fun doing it.

Do you have a book exchange in your area?  There might be some great quilt books there!


  1. Great swap, looking forward to seeing the new quilts. I have two doll quilts to make, perhaps this afternoon. First I have a dress zip to replace :(

  2. That was a great deal! Have fun perusing your quilt book.

  3. glad you were able to get this book its a great book!
    love the doll quilts you showed I have made them both! look forward to your versions.

  4. I donated a lot of books to my Library for their annual sale. They didn't have any this year that I liked.
    You got a GREAT BOOK I have that one and it has wonderful photos - enjoy!


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