Monday, December 26, 2022

Design Wall Monday - December 26, 2022

 Good Morning Quilters!

It’s the last Monday in 2022, and I will be spending this week planning how to tackle my UFOs next year, how to organize my quilt room to enjoy my time there more, and how to finish quilts without long pauses during the process.  It is an exciting time in my quilting journey, so I hope to have weekly plans and goals to share with you in the new year.

Did you have a nice Christmas? We did!  I was singing…..”The weather outside was frightful but the fire is so delightful”…….We spent Christmas day at our son’s home in front of their very big fireplace, all cosy and warm.  Grand Rapids got slammed with a blizzard over Christmas with frigid temps, snow, and high winds blowing the snow all around.   Blizzard warnings were in effect for the first time in over 10 years here.

I enjoy seeing all of your Christmas pictures so I will show you today some Christmas pictures from my house.  Merry Christmas!  I hope you enjoy them.

This is our tree topper, that was a UFO for a long time, but is now finished, and on top of our tree every year.  (Needlepoint from a kit)

A picture of Penny Lane on the front porch with a red and white “crossed canoes” pattern quilt that I purchased as a top, and finished into a quilt.  I love red and white quilts.  This picture is from a Christmas past - when we didn’t have very much snow.  (This year there is nothing on the front porch except the white bench, covered with a thick blanket of frigid snow!)

A picture of Penny and me, taking a
nap together under a vintage quilt that I purchased a long time ago.  The red and green feathered stars are all hand pieced and the quilt is nicely hand quilted.  I bought it from another quilter while I lived in Virginia, and I don’t have any history on it.

On our bedroom dresser is the snowman collection.  I am not adding any more snowmen to this collection, but I treasure each one, as some were hand made for me by friends over the years.

I’m looking forward to reading your year end posts, hearing about your Christmas, and how much snow you had, or didn’t have.  Link up below and let us know what you are doing in this last week of 2022.  Thank you so much for joining the Design Wall Monday Linky Party this week.  Please mention it in your blog so others can join us.  

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Monday, December 19, 2022

Design Wall Monday - December 19, 2022

 Good Morning Quilters!

Santa visited our family Saturday while we were dining in Frankenmuth, Michigan.    He told me I AM on his GOOD LIST this year, and he also said it’s been quite a few years since I’ve been on the good list, so he was very proud of me!  I was so happy with the good news I asked him if I could have a photo:

The quilting has been slow this week around here, and is probably going to continue to be slow until the new year.   I did take a redwork square with me in the car to work on while we were traveling.  It is a little log cabin:

We had 12 inches of snow Friday night and Saturday.   Sunday morning I took a picture while sitting in my bed, looking out the window toward the woods behind us.  It is so beautiful, and looks just like it should for Christmas week.  I love it.  

What is happening in your quilt room during the holidays?  I am excited about the new year starting soon, and am planning on setting new goals for getting more quilts completed.  

Merry Christmas to you all!  I shall share some of my Christmas decorations with you next Monday.  But for now, let’s see what you are up to.  Join in the Design Wall Monday Linky Party below and show us.  Do mention our party within your post and invite others to join us.  Thank you.


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Monday, December 12, 2022

Design Wall Monday - December 12, 2022

 Good Morning Quilters!

We drove back to Virginia to visit friends there, specifically for a memorial gravesite service for a dear friend of ours, who passed away very suddenly.  We are mourning her loss,  and we were very glad we went to visit her husband and family.   She was a Proverbs 31 woman, a wonderful wife, mother, and grandmother.

While we were back in VA, we visited our “extra” son, and his family.  Ben lived with us when he was a young man, and he feels like a son to us.  He and his wife have three beautiful little girls.  As I knew we would be meeting them for dinner one night, I took yarn with me and crocheted three Santa hats while riding in the car.  Here is a picture taken with them in progress on the dashboard during a rest-stop break.  

And a picture of the finished hats, completed the night before I gave them to the little girls.  

Post edit: Some have asked me about the pattern:  It is a free internet pattern that I found here:

And here are the three cute little girls wearing their Santa hats:

We were sitting in a restaurant and I thought about taking a picture of all three together in their hats, but that was pretty impossible.  They are 5, 3, and 1, and kept their parents (and us) very busy all during the meal.  Soooo cute!

While on the trip back home, I visited all of your blogs, and as usual, you all impressed me again!  So much talent and so many beautiful quilts being made.  Thank you for sharing with us.  Please link up below and let’s see this week’s pictures and posts.  

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Monday, December 5, 2022

Design Wall Monday - December 5, 2022

 Good Morning Quilters!

I played hooky this week from the internet.  Didn’t respond to your comments, didn’t comment on any of your blogs…..I am sorry.  But I have great progress on an ancient UFO so I hope you will forgive me.  The Jane Stickle quilt (in the Bennington, Vermont museum) has been a favorite of mine since I started quilting long ago.  (Info here)

Well, this week I hauled out all of my blocks that have been constructed for some time, and decided it is time to put them together into a quilt top.  I am making great progress in assembling the quilt, and have one more border of triangles, and two corner kites yet to attach.  I have learned so much over the years, by making blocks for this quilt, and when I visited the museum, I just sat next to it, admiring it for the longest time.  I don’t remember seeing anything else in the museum, it was that special to me.

And soon, I will have my own version of her wonderful quilt to look at.   Here is a picture of my design wall today:

Every once in a while something wonderful happens, and getting this quilt moving along to the finish line was wonderful for me.  I hope you are having wonderful happenings this week also.  It is the season for miracles!

We are traveling this week, and I am taking a small crocheting project with me, so I will have no quilting progress to report to you next Monday.  However, with my iPhone in the car, as I sit in the passenger seat, I will have plenty of time to look at all of your blogs and see your progress.  And post some comments.  Thank you for being so faithful with our Design Wall Monday Linky Parties.

Sign up below, and let’s get this week’s party started!

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