Monday, March 28, 2022

Design Wall Monday - March 28, 2022

 Good Morning Quilters!

All of the 16 plaid blocks are now complete blocks and I am moving on to making a  quilt top of them.  I have decided to sash them with a solid red, and last night I put them on the floor just before going to bed to see how they would look.  I like it.  

I will put something different in the cornerstone spots.  (these hst blocks are too little, and I put them there temporarily to cover the hole where there are no cornerstones yet).

Remember the orphan plaid blocks that I thought might be a part of this top?

What will happen to them
?  The orphan blocks will go on the back of the plaid quilt of large squares that I finished last week.  They will be in a straight line down the middle of the back.  I think that will be a good place for them. I am going to sew them into a long strip this week.

My daughter’s birthday is today…..and my baby girl is 51 years old.  She is a wonderful wife and mother and we are very proud of her.   We are blessed to have cared for her when she was young, and doubly blessed to love her as an adult.  

What are your finishes or starts this week?  Some of you tell me that you have plaids in your stash too.  If you are making something with them, please let me know.  I am looking forward to your blog posts and shared pictures on the Design Wall Mondays Linky Party.  Thanks for participating.  

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Monday, March 21, 2022

Design Wall Monday - March 21, 2022

 Good Morning Quilters!

I apologize for not answering any comments this past week.  I confess that I am not myself lately.  Grief over the loss of my sister is one explanation and the war in the Ukraine is another.  I appreciate all of you, and hope you understand.

Another week of sewing to reduce my plaid fabrics stash:

More of the plaid blocks were finished and put up on the design wall:

There are 16 of these blocks, so I’m halfway finished.  I will then decide on what color to sash them with - probably a solid color.  Here is another block on the sewing machine, ready to stitch together.

I want to get all 16 blocks together this week and decide what to do next.    

The large squares plaid quilt is off the design wall, all assembled, and ready for the long arm quilter.   It measures 84” by 90” right now and is made of 6” squares - all different plaids.  I will show it to you again when it is quilted and bound.

What’s going on in your quilt room?  Anything moving onto or off from your design wall?  

There were many exciting projects on your blogs last week.  Please join the Design Wall Monday Linky Party again this week, and continue to amaze all of us.  Such variety of projects in this group.  Thank you for participating.

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Monday, March 14, 2022

Design Wall Monday - March 14, 2022

Good Morning Quilters!  Did you miss an hour of sleep last night?  They say that Daylight Savings Time has the purpose of making better use of daylight.  There are lots of opinions for and against it, but as a quilter, it doesn’t bother my life.  

The big squares quilt is now 2/3’s down from the design wall, and it will be a complete quilt top by next Monday.   I have 5 more columns to sew onto this bigger section.  I put it on the couch for this picture so you can see Penny Lane also.  She is supervising my progress.  NOT!  She is sleeping on the job!

I put the plaid blocks on the design wall along with the “orphan blocks” that I found, and I am not sure if I like the mixture.  I will make more blocks and decide later.   I would add one row of the plaid and white squares to the outer edge of the added blocks to make them fit in size with the blocks with the outer plaid/white squares.

I plan on making more blocks of the original plan, as they are all cut and divided into baggies, one block in each baggie.  I also thought if I don’t use the “orphan blocks”  on the front, I could put a row of them on the back.  I usually don’t do anything for the back side of a quilt, do you?

Foremost in my mind this week is the empathy I feel for the people of Ukraine, and am unable to think of some way I can help them.   It is a feeling of helplessness.  I will donate to Samaritan’s Purse as I know that organization will be helping.   I am daily praying for all the people who have left their homeland and are now refugees, and for those who are staying behind to fight.  It is hard to carry on life as normal here when the tragedy of war is happening there.  Have you found a way to be of help?

I so appreciate your faithfulness in participating in the Design Wall Monday Linky Party.  Your pictures and stories on your blogs give me happiness.  Thank you.  

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Monday, March 7, 2022

Design Wall Monday - March 7, 2022

Good Morning Quilters!  A slight hint of spring showed up here on Saturday - it was in the mid 60's.  A lot of the snow melted that day, but now the weather has changed back to our usual 30-40 degrees, and we shall have to wait a little longer before spring comes.  

I worked on the plaids projects last week.  I have lots of plaid fabric, and I blogged in January about a few simple quilts to use up some of the plaids (see the pictures here)  

This plaid project (8 inch squares surrounded by smaller 2 inch squares) now has 6 completed blocks.  The blocks finish at 16 inches.  Here are the six blocks:

I also discovered some other plaid "orphan blocks" that could maybe be incorporated into this quilt.  The orphan blocks would only need one outer border of 2 inch squares to make them finish at 16 inches.  I shall have to see how they look together, or as some quilters say:  "see if they play nice together" Here are the orphan blocks:

The second plaid quilt I worked on is very simple - and is on the design wall right now.  It is made of squares, all the same size (6 inches) and the quilt will finish at 84" by 90".  To finish it, I just have to sew the blocks into columns, and sew the columns together.  I am about half way through this process.  

I also made an apple pie yesterday.  Hubby and I each had a ginormous piece, as you can see, and we shall try behave the rest of the week.  But there is really nothing better than apple pie, fresh out of the oven, right?  And with vanilla ice cream too!  God is good!

What is going on at your house?  Please join the Design Wall Monday LInky Party below to show us the fun you are having.  All of you who mention the linky party and also provide a link back to this blog post are very much appreciated.  You are my kind of people.

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