Monday, June 10, 2024

Design Wall Monday - June 10,2024

 Good Morning Quilters!

This is the last picture of me with my vintage 81 year old right knee before it got replaced with the new one.  DH took a picture of me in my lovely “disposable fabric” hospital gown in the pre surgery area last Monday morning.

Of course, after we figured out how to unfold it and get the thing on, I remembered that the nurse had wanted me to swipe down my entire body with antibiotic wipes before I put it on….which I had forgotten to do.  That’s what we were laughing about as I posed for my “before” picture…….that I would have to take it off again and do the wipes….and then hopefully figure out how it went back on.  These hospital staffs have us do everything for them nowadays!  haha   

So surgery went very-very well, and I was back at home by 2:00 PM the same day!  All week long I’m in pjs, compression socks, ace bandages around my right knee, an ice water pump attached to my knee area, and a big blue elevation wedge under my right leg.  Any walking is done with a walker.

Wedge looks like this:

DH aka “Nurse” takes care of me very very well.  A Physical Therapy Nurse comes to visit twice a week for these first two weeks, and she says I’m doing very well also. 

Friends stopped in, bringing flowers, food, and well wishes all week long.  Calls, texts, emails, all week long.  AND, it wasn’t planned, but you who have known me a long time, know that I love tennis.  It was French Open week!  and there was great tennis on tv all week long.  Serendipity! 

Nurse Penny Lane thought that besides the compression socks, I needed a little dog “chest compression” time.  She did her best to comfort me, and was especially helpful with nap time.  She is a very good nap taker.


Quilting should resume next week, as I am mending so fast.  There are lots of people praying for a speedy recovery for me, and I can feel God’s blessings every day.  Thank you for carrying on here for me last week.  And thank you to those of you who prayed.  I am mending fast.

My design wall looks the same, so no pictures of it for you this week.  Join the Design Wall Linky Party below and dazzle us with something please.  You provide us with such great pictures and blog posts.  Thanks!

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