Monday, March 1, 2021

Design Wall Monday - March 1, 2021

 Good Morning Quilters! 

March 1st, a new month, and I have been working on the two quilts on my design wall.  Plus other projects as well.  I think March will be a good month of progress on the UFOs.  Here is the design wall: 

Still lots of brown and white, but the Wedding Ring quilt has all the edge triangles now cut, and the rows are getting assembled.  I can see the finish line, which will spur me on.

The Drunkard's Path is moving along nicely too.  I sew a few concave/convex pieces each day:

And when I have enough; sew them into a larger block:

All the convex and concave block pieces are cut and stored in baggies, each holding enough pieces to make the block above.  I think there are about 15 baggies yet to put together.  I am getting better at the curves, that is for sure.  It is slow....take 3-4 stitches with needle down when I stop.....then adjust the fabric, take 3-4 more stitches....repeat.  I think it was named by the person who drank a whole lot while she was sewing this quilt pattern.  

The log cabin quilt has one more block, and I am loving working on it.  (The shiny new project).   Here are the blocks now:

What are you working on?  I am so happy to look through all the pictures and go to your blogs and read about your quilts.  You are such a talented bunch.  Thank you for participating.  Please provide a link back to this blog post somewhere within your post, and also tell your readers about Design Wall Monday.  

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