Monday, September 16, 2019

Design Wall Monday - September 16. 2019

This week I got out one of my oldest UFOs.  I don't know why I stop on a project, but I do know that it is always fun to get a UFO out and see what's what.  This project was started by my friend Joan Edwards, and after she worked on it a while, she announced that she was done, and wanted to get rid of it.  I volunteered to take it and finish it......well, I volunteered to take it anyway.  The apple cores are 3 inches finished height, top to bottom.  How old is it?  Well, there is one fabric with "2000" printed on it, so it's at least 19 years old.

In looking at it this week, part of it is hand pieced, and part of it is machine pieced.  Joan's pieces are all hand pieces, and mine are both hand and machine pieced.   I remember taking a class on machine piecing curved pieces, and practiced on this quilt after the class.  It is supposed to have all different fabrics in it, but I don't know if that is so at this point in time, and now all I want is to finish it.

I looked online at different apple core piecing methods, and found information about English paper piecing apple core blocks.....I hadn't tried that yet.  Here's my first attempts, and I like it.   I like this method because there is no fiddling with the concave and convex curves while I am sewing the two pieces together.  I read about it (Here)

Here is a picture of some "English papers" I have drawn to cut up and try the English paper piecing method.   I drafted my own papers by drawing a box 3 inches square, making a circle that touched the middle of all four sides, cutting it out, and folding it into fourths.  Then I drew another box on graph paper, and used the folded circle to draw each 1/4 of the apple core.  If you look at my graph paper, you can see that "x" marks I used as guides (showing the center of each apple core), and see how I traced the arches from the folded circle to connect them.  

When I first got this UFO out, I did a quick count of how many pieces were in it, and came up with a rough estimate of around 600.  This type of quilt is called a "charm" quilt, with the definition being at least 1000 pieces, all the same shape, and all different fabrics.   So only about half way to 1000 pieces!  Well, Sunday night when I put it up on the design wall, with the start of adding 2 rows to the right side.....I counted again, and it will be 32 pieces X 32 pieces....1024 pieces!  So all of the "learning" I did on how to English paper piece this type of block will make this UFO get finished rather quickly.....or so I think right now.  Stay tuned...LOL  I am thinking of naming it "Red Delicious".

I also think the new method would be the way to go for a doll quilt sized Red Delicious.  I am adding a small one to the never ending bucket list of quilts I want to make.

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