Monday, April 6, 2020

Design Wall Monday - April 6, 2020

April is here, and a lot of quilters have been making face masks.  I am so proud of all of you who have pitched in.  I am without a sewing machine or fabric up north here at our cabin, and only brought embroidery with me.  So thank you to all who have pitched in and answered the call.  You really stepped up.

My redwork is progressing nicely, while I am housebound.  Here are two squares.  First is a family of pigs, and second is a nest of birds.  After the nest of baby birds is finished, I will have only ONE more square to do to complete the 64.  I am also working on the borders.  I can see the light at the end of the tunnel!

So far, I’ve been staying completely away from the world, but that all changes today, as I have been asked to sit with my sister while she is in dialysis. (I don’t talk about it much here, but I am responsible for my younger sister.)  This coronavirus has made her so anxious she is unable to sit calmly during dialysis. Usually she can snack her way through it, but now they don’t allow food, and she has to wear a face mask.

I am going to drive to the dialysis site, and sit with her during the 5 hour process every M W F until this quarantine is over, and/or her process is less stressful.  She has dialysis in a town about 1/2 hour away from our cabin, so I am glad I am able to help.

I’ll take my IPad and look on the internet for some jokes to read to her, and take my Bible and a book in case she wants me to read to her.  If she falls asleep, I will have my redwork quilt borders to work on. There are no coronavirus cases in this county yet, and I will continue to be careful, and will of course, be masked and gowned myself while there.  

Please link up and show us what you are working on this week.  All I ask is that you provide a link back to my blog post from somewhere within your blog post.  Thanks.....and Stay Safe!

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