Monday, July 27, 2020

Design Wall Monday - July 27, 2020

Good Morning Quilters!  There has been lots of family visiting this week, and not much quilting going on.  Here is the only picture I can share:

I only have a little bit to do to finish it up, but it isn’t quite done yet.  Hopefully, you will have more to share with us than I do.  

We are having lots of fun, enjoying the lake, and spending time in the sun.  Here is a picture of us while we were in Ludington one night.  This is why I haven’t been sewing:

Thanks so much for participating in Design Wall Mondays.  It is a treat to see and read about what you are doing.  Always, please provide a link back to this particular blog post from your blog post.  

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Monday, July 20, 2020

Design Wall Monday - July 20, 2020

Good Morning Quilters!  Progress is being made this past week on my third Chimney Sweep/Album quilt for my Virginia group’s display next spring.  This third one is made of vintage fabric and I am admiring each square when it is completed.  Such pretty rich browns.  Here is the layout so far, but there are 11 more blocks to make and then assembly into a quilt top.  

The little baggies in the above picture have the block pieces I’ve re-cut from the old quilt top.  And here are close-ups of some of the beautiful old fabrics: 

The basket block hasn’t gotten too far this week, but it is started.  Here is my start on it:  


What are you doing?  Last week’s pictures were full of beautiful work.  I appreciate your links so much.  Please provide a link back to this post from somewhere in your blog post.   Thanks!

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Monday, July 13, 2020

Design Wall Monday - July, 13, 2020

Good Morning Quilters! I made some progress on the quilts I am making for the Churn Dashers of Tidewater Virginia’s display in a quilt show next spring.  The pink setting fabric on this one is a Judie Rothermel fabric named “Judie’s Album Quilt”.  Seems appropriate that I named my quilt “Judy’s Album Quilt”.  

This picture was taken before I trimmed down the outside setting triangle blocks.  I always make them a little larger and trim them down, so I am sure they aren’t too small.  The quilt top now measures 66” by 82”.  

Next, I am working on some vintage album blocks that I unsewed, trimmed to make the pieces uniform sizes, and am reconstructing.  I cut the smallest old pieces to the biggest size I could make them and still have them a uniform size. Then, I took that size, and cut all the other pieces to coordinate with it.  The blocks are the same design as the quilt above, but smaller.  Their finished block size will be 8.25” by 8.25”.  Here is “before trimming” and “after trimming” pictures of the pieces of one block:

Original varied sizes
Now cut to uniform sizes

Here is a block that has been redone to the new size, except it hasn’t been trimmed to the final size of 8.75” by 8.75”.  Notice the outside white pieces are again a little oversized, as I hate it when they turn out too small.  I’d much rather trim them up and admire a block perfectly squared up.  The background is “Civil War Album II by Pam Weeks Circa 1863 for Newcastle Fabrics” that I am probably using with the vintage blocks.

Also, I am continuing to work on the embroidery squares of vintage baskets.   Here is the “strange French knot flower” block, with a satin stitch center.  I am not good at satin stitch, but it is finished, and I’m moving on.  I think I have 16 blocks right now.

What are you working on (or playing with) on your design wall this week?  Remember to mention this blog and provide a link to this particular post somewhere within your post.  Thanks very much, and I’m looking forward to enjoying your pictures.

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Monday, July 6, 2020

Design Wall Monday, July 6, 2020

What a beautiful Fourth of July - I had a fantastic weekend, and I hope you did too.  Weather was great, a full moon over the campfire, just perfect.  Company is all gone home, and today is laundry day.  Mostly sheet sets and towels, and I dry the sheets outside on a clothesline.  Do any of you do that anymore?  I have good memories of my Mom whenever I am pinning the sheets to the clothesline. Here is a picture of her clothespin bag, which I now use:

She bought it at a bazaar, and it is so cute.  It is sturdy denim, and the circle hole with the red lining is where the clothespins are.  Here’s a closeup of the clothes on the line.  The little clothespins are machine stitched.

This week, I am concentrating on getting two chimney sweep block (also called album block) quilts closer to the finish line.  The Churn Dashers, the civil war repro group of which I’m a member, is getting details together for our group display in the Mid Atlantic Quilt Show scheduled for February 25-28, 2021.  My three quilts have to be finished (at least to a completed top stage) so I can turn in my info sheets for them, with the dimensions by August 1st.  One is a top now, the second is just blocks right now, and the third is in pieces, not yet into blocks.   I took a picture of one of the group of blocks last year, but I have changed my mind on the alternate pink squares idea.  

I am now using white sashing with pink cornerstones, and more pink fabric at the edges.  Picture next week.  What are you doing this first week of July?

Please link up and show us a picture, so we can go to your blog to read about it.       Thanks to all of you who provide a word or two about Design Wall Mondays on your blog, and also put a link in there to this post.  

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