Tuesday, July 7, 2015

4th of July at the Lake

This year's patriotic quilt was going to be a little bigger, but I had trouble with the borders and just stopped on it, and finished it without making the final white border as I had originally planned.  Sometimes things just don't work out, and I move on.  Finished is definitely better than a border that doesn't want to cooperate with me.  Right?  

Here is the quilt:

The finished size is 20" by 24".

Before Pinterest existed, I saved patriotic pictures on my hard drive, and there is a file there with enough patriotic quilt ideas for me for a long time.  Red, white, and blue is such a good color combination, that I never tire of it. 

Our holiday was spent with our son and his family.  Bonfires, fireworks, parade watching, tubing on the lake, and lots of good food were enjoyed by all.  We ate my DIL's flag cheesecake, decorated with whipped cream, blueberries, and strawberries, which was delicious!  I tried a jello mold flag, which didn't unmold very well, but tasted great.  It was jello, and I made the "flag" wave by jiggling the dish as I brought it to the table, but the unmolding fail made it less effective.  Next time I make it, I shall decrease the water in the jello recipe even more, to make the jello firmer, and possibly line the mold with plastic wrap, to help it unmold better.  Anyone use the jello flag mold and have any tips?  I did spray the mold with cooking spray before using it, but then the jello had a slight "oil" look to it.  

Fourth of July dinner was preceded by watching the hot dog eating contest, from New York, on TV.  It's something I wish I could "unwatch" after seeing.  Don't these people get violently sick after eating so much-so fast......and why did I watch?  Teenage boys (and my son who is forever a teenager) have declared it is now a holiday tradition to watch it.   Two years in a row now.  Mental note to self:  Don't ever watch this contest again.

As I age, I appreciate the peaceful day after all the company goes home more that I used to.  I used to be so sad when people left, and now while I really enjoy the people being here, I also enjoy the calm peaceful house when there is no one here but me.  Yesterday DH was golfing, and I washed sheets and hung them on the line outside to dry.  There was a good stiff breeze coming from the lake, and the sheets were dry in no time.  It was so much fun fighting the wind to hang them out, and watching them "dance" in the wind.

Let me know if you can see this video, as loading a video onto the blog is new to
me.  Hope it works as it shows how strong the wind was.  Such fun!


Monday, June 22, 2015

Churn Dashers Quilt for 2015

There is a group of quilters who exchange blocks, called The Churn Dashers, and I am a lucky part of this group of talented quilters.  There are a few of us living in other states, but most live in Virginia, and the group has displayed quilts lately in the Mid-Atlantic Quilt Festival in Hampton, VA.  This show is every spring, and I'm working on a quilt to submit for 2016.  The Churn Dashers latest exchange was nine patch/snowball blocks, and I decided to make a quilt based on this quilt that I saw on the quilt index (Here)

I like it because it has a "star" feel to it, and is a little different than the usual nine patch/snowball quilt layout.  

The information at the Quilt Index includes the name of the quilt maker:  Maw Maw Parker (maiden name Holmes), birth date 1850's.  She was married to Paw Paw Parker who was a farmer, a sharecropper in Franklin Parish, Louisiana.

Also there is some limited information about the quilt:

"A morning workshop at the Franklin Parish Piece Makers was presented by Marjorie Elrod.  Maker says, 'We brought 400 -2.5 squares of different prints or scraps and all the members put them in a big garbage bag.  We then filled a smaller bag of squares and then sewed nine-patches. (As many as we could make that morning).  We had to complete this project at home.  I made a nine-patch with Snowball Blocks.'  She also says, 'To make it, sew 2 7/8" square on corners on the diagonal and press to the corners.  With Jacob's Ladder 3 of 2.5 prints, 2 of 2.5 white, 4 half square triangles.  4 Jacob Ladders, 1 Nine Patch, 4 Snowballs.'  "

I have 3 more rows to complete:

And today I am working on the outside borders:

It shouldn't take me long to make the borders, and then I will get back to making the final three rows, and the fun of laying it all out to complete the quilt.  What are you working on today?

I'm linking up with Design Wall Mondays over at Judy Laquidara's blog. (Here) 

Friday, June 19, 2015

Wedding Anniversary and Flag Day

Here's a little flag for Flag Day.  It was late at night, and I went into the sewing room to work on something else.  But I saw this on the internet, and made a change of plans to make it that night.  It goes together very fast.

The instructions are on Temecula Quilt Co.'s blog...(Here)   I modified the directions slightly to add a little narrow sleeve on the back left side to hold a stick. This little flag is only 3.5 inches by 5 inches.  It was so much fun to make. The little girls are holding it between them, and will keep it with them until after the Fourth of July.  

Blue part is a nine patch of  1/2 inch squares.  The red stripes are 1/2 inches wide, so it's tiny, but goes together so fast.  The instructions said to only use single fold binding, and I did.  Cut 1 inch wide, it is the narrowest binding I've ever used.  It worked well for this little quilt though, and I think single fold is good for little projects like this one.

The next morning I wandered out in the yard looking for just the right stick to use as a flag pole.  I waved my arms at a deer who was approaching my meager wild flower patch.  They are so tame that it only went a little ways away and stared at me as if to say....."Please go back inside so I can continue to have breakfast on your flowers".

Dee and I are past the half way mark on the 64 blocks of red work, and I've now started on one of the outside borders.  My friend Joan told me that an applique Baltimore BOM that she is working on is sent to her in this order:  4 monthly block shipments, then a border, 4 monthly block shipments, then a border, 4 monthly block shipments, the borders are not left to the end, as they are a daunting task.  Some people might be inclined to skip making the borders if they were left to make at the end.  So, I thought the same may happen to this quilt, and I cut fabric for all four borders.  I am starting in the middle of one of them.  I made my red work squares slightly larger than the pattern, and haven't cut them down yet, so I'm not exactly sure how long or wide the quilt will be, but I've started in the middle of one:

The border ideas on the internet are plentiful, and tempting, but I went with the original pattern, with a slight alteration to make the stems thinner than originally shown.  They looks like passion flowers to me, so I hope there is passion in me to complete all four borders.

Flag day was not the only celebration this past week.  Our anniversary was Monday, and we have been married 52 years.  We dated for about 5 years before we married, so we have been a couple for most of our lives.  (DH is 73 and I am 72).  We celebrated at home with a casserole (made by me this time) and wonderful strawberry shortcake made with local fresh strawberries.  On Wednesday night, we celebrated again by dining out.  After dinner, we drove to the beach and watched a beautiful sunset over Lake Michigan.  God is so good!  Please enjoy the sunset with us:

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