Saturday, March 17, 2012

First Post in my blog - making quilts from the book Small Endearments

This is the quilt that I made today.   I made a replica of a doll quilt from one of my favorite books of doll quilts - Small Endearments by Sandi Fox.  I copied the quilt on Page 157, plate 192.  After making the half square triangles to finish at 1 inch, I pressed all seams open from then on, as the blocks were so small.  The quilt measures 12.5 by 15 inches before binding, and in the book, it's 13.5 by 16 inches.


  1. What a great quilt!! Love the green you used for the border!!
    Welcome to the blogging world!

    You will get more comments if you get rid of the word verification.....

    1. Thanks Lori - I think I eliminated it. I hope so.

  2. Beautiful work! Glad you decided to showcase it for us to see. Maybe I'll post some photos of my recent work, too. Cheers! (We still miss you and Lloyd!)

  3. oh ok our quilts are similar in size I thought you made it much smaller when I saw it on the doll dresser!
    I haven't opened up seams yet on my quilts but have been thinking about doing that
    I hear its much better for hand quilting.

  4. Hi Judy, Welcome to blogland! I'm so glad you told me about your lovely blog! Your little quilt is the sweetest. You did a beautiful job on it. Being a doll quilt lover, Small Endearmeants is one of my favorite books, too. I look forward to visiting you again! K

  5. Just found your blog - welcome and have fun!
    Love your little quilt!

  6. Found your blog today, enjoy what I've seen, signed up to follow by email.


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