Monday, January 6, 2014

Celtic Solstice and Decisions

Since the reveal of Bonnie Hunter's Celtic Solstice, I've been playing with the blocks on my design wall.  I looked at other quilter's colors and layouts, and started moving pieces around.  I am not satisfied yet, so am giving it a rest and working on sewing on some other projects.

Here are two possibilities.  I want to get more of the floor tile's that are pinwheels into my quilt, as I love them in the church floor tile pictures that Bonnie posted.  

Could I add black and white pinwheels to the sashing and would that tone it down?

I do like "busy" quilts, but this just seems like a riot, and I need help. Here's some floor tile that I love:

If my design is still not pleasing to me in another week, I will go with Forest Jane Jacobson's design, which I just love:

It has that "floor tile" look to it, and it is more of Bonnie's design, yet with her personal spin on it.  I love it!  She has said over on Facebook that anyone is free to use her design.  

Meanwhile, I am thinking with my little brain, and working on Dear Jane blocks.  I finished this one yesterday:

It was a nice break for my little brain and I will be working on more Dear Jane parts today.  I'm linking up to the usual Monday linkups, at Bonnie Hunter's blog: (Here) and Judy Laquidara's Design Wall Mondays (Here)


  1. I love that you are changing the design so it's more like the floor tile. I love patterned floors too, and I'm always thinking about making the designs I see on floors into quilts. Congrats to you for doing it!

  2. Good luck with your decision! The last alternative is gorgeous!

  3. I like the 2nd one with red and blue pinwheels, but I LOVE the Jacobean design!

  4. I thought I was being a rebel by flipping the chevron units! I love the design by Forest Jane Jacobson. I may have to rearrange my blocks a little bit!

  5. I think your original design is beautiful. You don't need to tone anything down. It is lovely. The last quilt is beautiful too, but I really like that you are doing your own thing with the sections.

  6. Oooh! What great possibilities. I like Forest Jane's. Of your two photos, I think I prefer the second one (with orange and blue pinwheels).

  7. Black/white pinwheels would definitely tone it down. Thanks for showing Jane Jacobson's design. I'd love to do something a little different.

  8. Very creative -- love your switcheroo of the pieces.

  9. Wow, this is amazing! I love the last one as well. I look forward to seeing which one you decide on! :)

    I am giving away a fat quarter bundle on my blog today! I would love for you to come over and enter! Happy New Year!

    Inspiring Creations Giveaway

  10. I think its awesome that you're trying out different layouts. I like both of your layouts and Forest Jane's too! I may have to revisit my design wall…. ;-)

  11. Hi Judy,
    first I want to thak you for telling me about my mistake in my mystery top, I'll adjust it first thing in the morning ☺
    I love how you are playing with the blocks. The quilt is a busy one, because of the colors, can't wait to see wich desin you'll choose.
    I'll sign in to follow your blog.

  12. Did you see the alternate layouts?

  13. It's so fun seeing all the different variations people are now coming up with! I think the floor tiles appeal to you more because there are some calmer areas to allow the eyes to rest. Keep playing, you've come up with some amazing variations already so you're sure to find something that calls to you :)

  14. Your Jane triangle block turned out beautiful!
    I really like that F.J. Jacobson design layout for your celtic solstice blocks.
    Sometimes walking away for a few days is all it takes to find a clear path of direction.
    Looking forward to seeing your final arrangement/quilt top.

  15. The first option would be my choice, but if you think that it's too wild the Forest Jane pattern is really nice too. Sometimes when you get something into your head it's tough to come up with other options.

  16. your play with the bolcks looks so great


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