Sunday, January 12, 2014

Moving On from Celtic Solstice for Now

This week I started the Benjamin Biggs Wedding Quilt, which is a free block of the month for 24 months.  The original quilt was made in 1848, and the patterns are on the internet over the next two years by Gay from and Brenda from  There is also a new blog of Benjamin Biggs quilts here:

I made my first block by using freezer paper folded in fourths and cut as I would cut a snowflake pattern:

Each block has a little flower appliqued in each corner, which gives the quilt a light and airy look.  Mine is lacking that element, but it will be added soon.   Here's the complete quilt:

I also am making indigo and shirting blocks in preparation for the monthly Dear Jane meeting here in Williamsburg this coming Tuesday.  Here are four triangle blocks:

Where I am with Celtic Solstice:

Option A uses most of the parts already made

Option B has more of a "floor tile" look
Option C - one of my first layouts

These would look like 4 leaf clovers if the
colors were reversed!
Recently I posted about 18 Ways to Motivate Yourself in Quilting.  (See Post)
and one of the points was "recognize when indecision is causing inertia".  That's where I am with Bonnie Hunter's Celtic Solstice.  I have so many different options that I could make with the pieces, and am still searching for the one that says "this is the one".

So for now, it is tabled.  I would appreciate any thoughts you have on any of the above pictures, and also any Celtic Solstice layouts/colors that you just love.  Thanks!


Lori said...

My thoughts on CS is don't overthink it, just go with your gut. It's only a quilt! I did the same thing on my Jubilee that I couldn't work on it at all, until I decided to JUST DO IT. If it didn't really turn out like I imagined it wouldn't be the end of the world- I hated the fretting. (I'm not saying you are, but I know I was)

TLC said...

I like A & C...............

Aunt 'Reen said...

Not sure if I'm going to be much help with opinions for Celtic Solstice because I love verisons A and version B!

That said I totally LOVE your DJ triangles in Indigo & shirtings!
They all turned out so gorgeous!

Congrats on starting Benjamin Biggs! Such a pretty start to this quilt!

traditional_quilter said...

Your blue and white dear Jane triangle blocks are lovely as is your Benjamin Biggs block. Your Celtic Solstice quilt will be pretty in whatever layout you choose. Have a great day!

Sue Daurio said...

That color combination for Dear Jane is wonderful!

Threeundertwo said...

I love your alternate BB block. Adds a lot more interest to the center. I'm also absolutely in love with your Jane blocks. That is on my "someday" list. As for CC, I lean toward the A layout, but I like them all.

Sharyn Hutchinson said...

I love your Dear Jane triangles. I am also doing mine in blue and cream shirtings. I have finished all the blocks and most of the triangles. Unfortunately, I have not worked on it in months.