Sunday, May 11, 2014

Happy Mother's Day!

Here are some cute cards for you, this one with actual cotton apron strings:

This next one reminds me of my childhood.  My Mom was a great cook, and she had one of these "Hoosier" type cabinets in her kitchen.  Notice that this card has a real ribbon apron strings also.

It is interesting to see how the cards have changed through the years.  I only wear aprons when I'm missing my Mom, and the memories of being with her as a small child.

My favorite:  a card from 1920s, a flat one piece card:

Text on the other side:

Just to tell you that I am always hoping

Not just today but the whole year through
That every wish your heart may make, dear Mother,
And every dream you dream,
Will all come true!!

That's what I'm wishing for you today.  

This is the 100th year of celebrating Mother's Day.  Pictures are from an online article in the Kansas City Star:  (Here)  I hope your celebration is fun, and that you also get some quilting time into your day.

I'm still assembling the Talkin' Turkey quilt, and hope to have some rows sewn together later today.


Lee Prairie Designs said...

Happy Mothers Day, Judy. Lovely post!!!

Hugs, Carolyn

Rebecca in AK said...

I love the poem from the 1920's card! Happy Mother's Day!