Monday, January 4, 2016

Finishing the Baby Quilt and Getting it Ready for Gifting

My latest baby quilt is finished and I am getting it ready to gift to Eliza, a beautiful new baby girl.  I can't wait to see her in person.  

Here's some pictures of the quilt which finished at 45 in. by 58 in., with the hst's at 6 inches.

I quilted it following the zigzags, which was easy. 

The doll quilt finished at 10.5 in. by 13 in. and the little hst's are 1 inch.  We found a little elephant rattle to wrap up in the doll quilt.

Here's the label.  I had to look up exactly what my relationship to the baby is. Her Grandmother is my niece.  I'm her Great Grand Aunt!  What a mouthful!

Here is the back of the doll quilt, with the small zigzag quilting.  It was such a fun project, and my last two finishes for 2015.

Look at the cute bag I found at the Dollar Store to put the gifts in!  It's an elephant themed baby gift, that is for sure.   

I am in Texas visiting our daughter, and will deliver this gift on the way back home.

I'm looking at other quilter's design walls, (Here) at Patchwork Times.  Enjoy!


  1. Love the quilts, they look awesome

  2. What a wonderful gift for a precious baby girl! Both quilts are adorable, and I love the little elephant rattle!!! I LOVE elephants, where did you find the rattle?
    Carolyn in SoCal where the rain has finally come.

    1. My daughter found it at Target while we were Christmas shopping for my Texas grandkids. We celebrated our Christmas together Subday, Jan. 3.

  3. Very pretty quilt! I love the chevron centre and the border fabric is perfect!


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