Monday, February 15, 2016

Focus on Baby Quilts

Progress on my goal of making a baby quilt each month in 2016. When the two boxes of quilt fabric with baby themes were unboxed and sorted out, I just started sewing and couldn't quit.  Number one was shown in last post (Here)

Two:  This one was a kit, so a no-brainer, that went together so easily, and is now a quilt top.  Both of the border fabrics were missing, as I had used them on something else, but substitutes were easily found, and used.  No backing fabric yet - I may buy a flannel fabric, find something in the plaids boxes.  Aren't the fussy cut squares of little children cute?

Details:  Squares are cut 5" to finish at 4.5"x4.5".  Unfinished top now measures 32" by 41".  Inner striped border is 1 inch finished width.

Three:  A baby blue star in a striped background.  The nursery rhyme fabric scraps were given to me by my friend Dee, and the white background with blue ducklings fabric is coarser woven - it may be a feed sack.  The best thing about this baby quilt is that I can use this lovely satin binding from my Mom's stash.  She had lots of rick-rack, binding packs, and trim packs that I now have, and it feels so great when I use one of them on a project.  My kids loved their satin bound blankets when they were babies.

Details:  Squares are 4.5 inches finished (cut 5 inches) and top measures 40.5 X 36.5 inches.  I may add another narrow border to be underneath the satin binding, and then the binding wouldn't cover part of the outer squares.

Four:  Lots of Blue squares were cut, and I pulled a plaid from the plaid stash box and added it to the mix.  The blue plaid was once a pair of pants of mine.  Plaid pants must have been in style back in the day, or at least I hope they were!

Details:  Squares finish at 5 inches, so top is now 30" x 35". 

I realized when this quilt was laid out that the design is super easy - just cut 14 squares of three different fabrics and sew them together.  Use 14 of any size square you want, and find 3 fabrics that you want to use together.  I put the squares on the floor by the sewing machine on a piece of flannel, and picked up and replaced squares as they were sewn, to keep the pattern straight.  The back of this one is a piece that I've had for a long time, and I love it.  It has cars, planes, boats, on it.  It feels so good to cut it and use it as a quilt back!  And there is more of it to use on another baby quilt.  Why haven't I used it before?

I am still going strong, Number Five is being cut out,  and Number Six is waiting impatiently to be cut out.  I am continuing with the baby quilt mojo until it runs out, so stay tuned.  What are you working on this week?

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  1. I like how you share the sizes of blocks. You are giving me more ideas. Thank you..

  2. You have a great start on your goal. I love the gingham and stripes in your quilts. Thanks for sharing with Oh Scrap!

  3. It's really fun to see your baby quilt progress and there is nothing sweeter than a handmade baby quilt! Once you've used the satin binding I hope you will share any tips about that!

  4. Love your little baby quilts! I am working on flannel baby blankets this week for our local pregnancy center.

  5. Love them all. Such cute prints.


  6. I love those nostalgic prints! They do make great baby quilts. cheers!

  7. All beautiful! Love seeing your work!

  8. Beautiful baby quilts! Love the vintage motifs!

  9. Hi Judy I tried to email you back after you left a comment on my blog, but you are a no-reply blogger. I love your baby quilts, and like I'm trying hard to use up my stash.

  10. You are off to a terrific start destashing with baby quilts. Nothing like a vintage motif... Charm size squares work great for putting just enough of cute prints into a small quilt. Sandi


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