Monday, March 6, 2017

Tiny Quilt Retreat

Today is the 6th day of my "Tiny Quilt Retreat", (me, myself, and I).  Hubby is in Florida golfing with a group of men, and I am quilting here at home, and having such a good time.  I pick him up at the airport tomorrow, and miss him very much, but my time quilting has been lots of fun.

Here are the things worked on this week:

The Valentine quilt:

The first two rows of grids are on the design wall, and all of the fifty+ baggies of grids are set aside for future assembly.  I am thinking about the wording at the bottom, and may spell out "Be Mine".  I will be taking it off the design wall soon, to get the 365Challenge blocks up to sort out the assembly and completion of that large quilt.

365 Challenge Quilt from 2016:

I worked on last year's Karen Kerr's 365Challenge, to make more of the blocks. It is almost finished, and I have only a few blocks to go.  I work on a week's worth of blocks at a time, and have about 5 weeks left.  This week I completed a week in November.  Here are some of the blocks made this week:

The rows of the indigo and shirting quilt are almost all assembled.  I have four more long rows to sew.  I will probably not sew a quilt top together this way again.  I thought it would be faster then putting blocks together first, 
but forgot to factor in the underwhelming task of pinning and sewing long row after row.  When I am underwhelmed, I procrastinate.  I have four more rows to sew.

Here's my little kitchen blackboard reminder that spring is coming soon.  The chipmunk cookie jar is one I bought before I was married - so it's over 50 years old.  I love chipmunks and yesterday started putting three pecan halves out on the front steps for my resident front yard chipmunk.  The pecans were there for a long time (my first day of treating him) and today they were only there about 5 minutes!  He's a fast learner!

Posting as usual at Design Wall Mondays at Judy Liquidara's blog.  (Here)


Sharyn Mallow Woerz said...

you have such an eye for fabrics that go together.
I'm working on the center 365, going my own way on that one.


Leah Rubin said...

All beautiful and inspiring. I love your creations!

Candace said...

Your "Be Mine" quilt is turning out nicely. I agree with Sharon above. There are some really nice combinations in your 365 challenge blocks, and I am still lovin' those buckeyes. I'm an a sucker for blues.

Mary - Lecoeurceltique said...

Beautiful colour combinations.