Monday, April 16, 2018

Design Wall Monday - April 16, 2018

Today is my birthday, and I am celebrating being 75!  I have had a fabulous week, as I was on a quilt retreat in Shipshewana, Indiana for five days, and just got home last night.  While there, I finished four small quilts/doll quilts, and had a great time visiting with all of my friends who gather there each year.

Here is a table runner kit that I almost threw away. It was partially finished, and was giving me trouble.  It is made of loosely woven homespun fabrics, and when I tried to quilt some straight lines through it, I made puckers and I set it aside for quite a while.  Recently, I decided what to do to rescue it:  I took out all of the quilting on the homespun, and added a border of small hsts that were given to me a few years ago, by Jill Shram, who sat near me at a previous Shipshewana retreat.

I liked it a lot better with the small triangles as a border, and I gave it minimal quilting this time, to avoid the previous trouble with the homespun fabrics.  Quilting is just around the apples, and along the border.  I have named it "The Apple Pie Table Runner"  and it will be on my dining table in the fall.

Here is a closeup of Jill's little left-over triangles that are now part of the table runner.  They finish at one inch.

Thank you Jill!  

This retreat, I visited my friend Rebecca Haarer's antique shop, and bought an old ladder, for displaying doll quilts in my quilt work room.  If you are in Shipshewana, Indiana, I recommend stopping at her shop; there are lots of antique quilts, and other goodies there.  

Here is my new display ladder, with the doll quilts on it that I brought to the retreat for show-n-tell night.

What have you been working on?  I can't wait to see.

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