Monday, February 26, 2018

Design Wall Monday - February 26, 2018

I will be watching basketball all this week, as I am a big basketball fan, and it's the week of the Big Ten Basketball Tournament.  Games Wednesday through Sunday.......and then the NCAA tournament is coming up after that.  Yeah!!

I feel I haven't much to show you in my quilt room, but I did work on two projects.  The Valentine quilt is partially sewn together, and I am making progress on it every day.  Here is the portion that is still on the design wall:

And here is the part that is now all in one piece - out on the carpeting in the next room:

Little by little, inch by inch, the final seams are getting finished.  I am also working on Lisa Bongean's Triangle Gatherings.  (see my last week's post for more information about both of these projects).   Here are four blocks laid out, ready to sew into 16 patches.  The half-square triangles in the picture are 1.5 by 1.5 inches before sewing them together.  The blocks finish at 4 inches square.

Now I have 60 of the blocks made, and about 30 to go.  When I started, I had half-square triangles left over from another project, but I've used up most of them.  So now I am using my shoebox of 2 in X 2 in cut squares to make more triangles.  I pick out 8 neutral and 8 dark or medium squares to make a Triangle Gathering block.  When I put two squares together, and sew down the middle, on each side of the center diagonal line, and cut them apart, it makes two half-square triangles that can be trimmed to 1.5 by 1.5 inches.  It's a very peaceful project, and I enjoy making these squares in between sewing the long connecting seams on the Valentine quilt.  

What are you working on this week?  

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Thanks!  Can't wait to see what you are sewing.


Kate said...

Your Valentine's quilt is amazing! Congrats on all the successful seam matching there. Your HST blocks are amazing too, so tiny!

Ramona said...

Go Blue!! Michigan is my second favorite team in CBB, the first being VCU. Your Valentine quilt is just beautiful. And all of those tiny little HST's are so cute!

Sara said...

I'll be at the Summit League college basketball tourney starting next Saturday. Go Jacks!! It is our usual "vacation" - if it counts when it's only an hour from home. LOL

chrisknits said...

We are Purdue fans here, so go Boilers! Love the HST blocks!

Dar said...

Judy, you are unbelievable with those tiny tiny HST at 1" finished! Holy moly!. I just found out that you were picking up Judy's DWM so hopefully I will be adding something more frequently to your link. This does encourage me to get moving on using up more fabric. Thanks for picking up the slack.

Susan said...

Your Valentine hearts are looking awesome!

Jennifer said...

The Valentines quilt looks to be coming along quite well!