Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Christmas Quilt for the Little Babies

Today I finished the little Christmas quilt that I made out of the extra cutting scraps from Easy Street.  Here it is:

Also, since I saw Mary Jane's little Raggedy Ann and her yo-yo quilt in the little Longaberger cradle, I ordered a similar cradle from ebay for my two little baby girls.  It came today, so they are now in their new cradle, under their new quilt:

I have named them Sophia Grace and Rosie, in honor of the young singing sensations on youtube.  If you don't know about them, just go to youtube and search for Sophia Grace and Rosie.  Rosie doesn't sing a word, but she does all the motions, and Sophia Grace sings with great enthusiasm.

Here are the insider details about this little quilt:

All the seams (even the half-square triangle seams) are pressed open, to reduce bulk. The whole quilt measures 9.75 X 9.75 inches and the center pinwheel measures 1 inch. The four pinwheel blocks each measure 3 X 3 inches.  I made the binding from straight grain strips cut 1 inch wide, and it is single fold.

Sophia Grace and Rosie and I wish you a peaceful week in this joyful Christmas season!


  1. Sophia Grace and Rosie are cute as a button and so are your little babies and their quilt! I have that little basket and I am impressed with your tiny quilt! Very nice!

  2. A delightful little quilt. What do you use for batting in your little quilts?


    1. Hi Judy,
      I use the thin cotton batting - scraps from my big quilts. Sometimes I use flannel. But this time it was thin batting.

  3. How adorable! I'm trying to imagine doing a 1" pinwheel. Wow!
    The little basket is very sweet.

  4. Your little quilt is just gorgeous. Love it.

  5. OMG I love those two little girls, they are so fun to watch on the Ellen show! they just crack me up!
    so fun that you named them after the girls.
    love your latest quilt. the cradle is amazing.

  6. I'm not sure how I stumbled onto your blog (or from where), but I'm so glad I did! I adore doll and little quilts *so* much! This one you've just completed is darling and I love the photo with the two 'babies' tucked in with it! :)

  7. Your blog made my day when I found it; I make doll quilts and little quilts also so I was drawn right in. This is a beautiful quilt and I love how you've put it to use with the dolls. Looking forward to seeing more!

  8. Oh, Judy, it's wonderful! It made me think of peppermint candy as soon as I saw the picture. Beautiful quilt!!! And now to go check out YouTube.

  9. It is so sweet! And so is the cradle!


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