Monday, December 10, 2012

Easy Street, Part 3 and Party Serendipities!

Here's the latest part of Bonnie Hunter's Easy Street Mystery:

I will finish this step by Friday, and am having lots of fun seeing other people's version of this quilt.  So many of us!  Fun, fun, fun!

This week has been a party week!  At one party, my friend Mary Jane Gantzler, brought her doll to show to me, because she had seen my blog.  Her doll is a tiny Raggedy Ann, in a Longaberger cradle.  It has the smallest quilt I have ever seen!  She made this yo-yo quilt for her little doll in her lovely basket cradle. Mary Jane also made a nice little mattress, pillow, and sheet for her little Raggedy Ann.
Do you see how awesomely tiny this quilt is?  Well done Mary Jane!
The little babies are supervising my trimming up the small hst's for a future quilt for them.  I keep trimming the hst's, and hope they will like the quilt I make.  The little squares are trimmed to 1.25 inches.  I didn't show them the little yo-yo quilt picture, as they might like it better than the one I'm planning for them, and I don't want to think about making that.
At another party last night, a friend's daughter, Samantha showed me her little rabbit friends:
She liked my two little baby girls, and I really liked her little rabbits.

No parties on the calendar today, so I plan to head to the quilt room and play.


One Minnesota Quilter said...

Lots of fun - I can hear the Christmas music playing in the background! :D


Sharyn Mallow Woerz said...

Your miniaturizing of blocks made the how low can you go Limbo song rush into my mind.
I just put our Christmas quilt on the bed yesterday, loverly.

Anonymous said...

Love your blocks! I'm working with similar colors too, it's so fun during this Christmas Holiday! Thanks for sharing! Happy Quilting

Julierose said...

Hi Judy--I popped on over from LuAnn's "Loose Threads" --I love your petit quilts. Especially the yo-yo on Raggedy Ann--just darling..Julierose

Anonymous said...

Mary Jane's doll and quilt are amazing! Did you make the little red hats on your dolls? They're darling!!!

Kindred Quilts said...

I'm really liking your Easy Street block in Christmas reds and greens!

Jill said...

Love your fabrics. I'm also doing Christmas for Easy Street, but in different color combinations.

Judy Hansen said...

No - I bought the Santa hats in an old fashioned variety store in Michigan this summer - there were 2 in a pack, and I didn't know what I would do with them at the time - turns out they are perfect for the two little babies!

Leah Rubin said...

Oh, you are too much! It's all so beautiful, and your tiny dollies are lucky, indeed!

As for the yo-yo quilt-- I'm in awe! Little Raggedy Ann has good reason to smile.

Carry on, Judy. I'm loving your work-in-progress. The fabrics are totally yummy!

Sherry said...

Your Easy Street fabrics are awesome! I'm doing mine half-size in Bonnie's colors except substituting bright yellow for the grey. Can't wait to see how it turns out. Love the dollies, too.

Jeanne said...

The Christmas colors for your Easy Street are looking great. Cute yo yo quilt, too.