Friday, May 24, 2013

A Doll Quilt is A Nice Rainy Day Project

Good Morning Quilters!  The past few days have been very rainy here in Virginia, and it's been a good time to quilt!  

Here's my progress on replicating Jane Weaver's little doll quilt.  At the top, is a photograph of the bottom four rows, beneath it is my version of those four rows:

Three more rows to go and then the little hst border all around it.  Can't wait to get to the little hst's!  What are you working on today?  


  1. You are doing a terrific job!!!!

  2. It's beautiful! I am working on cleaning house for the weekend...unfortunately no stitching is happening today!!

  3. You are making an amazing reproduction of this little quilt!

  4. So precious... I'm working at my full time job... maybe a bit of sewing tonight!

  5. It's so fun watching your progress on this little quilt. I love that you're not just making a similar quilt, but an exact reproduction, and I can't wait to see the finished top.

  6. Your replication quilt is moving along nicely and looking very good. Lots of little hour glass blocks.

    Today, I am working on piecing blocks that go into the Mrs. Lincoln's Sampler quilt and having problems. I enlarged the applique blocks and it appears I did not always come up with correct measurements for cutting enlarged pieces for the pieced blocks. I am working on that.

  7. This looks fantastic! You should enter this in a show somewhere. I predict it will be a winnner!

  8. this looks sooooo good! Keep going, today I hope to work on my applique block and finish it! I have a binding to do as well.
    Have a great day

  9. great reproduction of this cute doll quilt - can't wait to see it finished.
    Rainy days are the best sewing day


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