Monday, May 20, 2013

Doll Quilt Fun!

I'm having fun replicating an old doll quilt that I started last week (here).  I got to thinking that I should ask the owner of the original quilt if it would be all right if I copied her quilt.  So I contacted Jane and here is her kind reply:

I appreciate your concern for permission. The quilt you have identified is an antique doll quilt made in the late 19th century in New York state, and I think it would be absolutely wonderful for someone to make it again. It is not copyrighted by anyone, and I am simply lucky enough to own a quilt made, obviously, by a young lady learning to quilt and using up tiny, tiny scraps.

I don't know if the Pinterest site directed you to my website, but I'd like to invite you there to look around. Some of the quilts were made by me, some are in my collection.   (her website)

I hope you will send me a photo when you are finished. And photos of anything else you'd like to send. You must have lots of little quilts!

Thanks for getting in touch,

I'm feeling much better now about having permission to make a copy of her quilt, and here's my progress.  I have the bottom three rows completed out of seven, and as you can see, Sophia Grace and Rosie are testing it out:

Here's a picture of the original doll quilt:

On the design wall, I'm working on Barbara Brackman's suffragist quilt, and my choice of colors is cheddar, cheddar, and more cheddar.

I haven't decided if I'm going to make a Sunbonnet Sue for block #36, as it doesn't seem to fit in with the other blocks.  (Here's the block)  What do you think?  I had fun making the giant hourglass blocks after making the little ones for the doll quilt.  The process is the same for both hourglasses, but results are oh so different in size.

What are you working on this week?  Check out Design Wall Mondays to see what others are working on at Patchwork Times


  1. Love the little doll quilt, how big are you squares? It is going to be just darling.

    Happy Sewing

    1. The little hourglasses are 1.5 inches, and finish at 1 inch. Very little, but fun.

  2. The doll quilt is so sweet. Great job! Good of you to write for permission and what a nice response!
    Wow--love the cheddar, cheddar and more cheddar! I would probably not do Sunbonnet Sue if it was my quilt, but it isn't, so do what you like. : )

  3. The doll quilt is coming along beautifully! I love the original and I know I'll love yours too. What a sweet response! I'm eager to visit her website.

  4. You could use the Sunbonnet Sue on the back as the label if you decide you don't care for it after you make it. I happen to like Sunbonnet Sues. some quilters don't.

  5. Your little quilt is looking so cute! I would probably substitute another block for Sue in your cheddar quilt!

  6. I am also making the Grandmother's Choice blocks. Look here to see my Suffragette Sue:

  7. I can see why you wanted to make you own version of that doll quilt - the sense of movement in it is wonderful. yours looks well loved already :)

  8. It's just beautiful, Judy. I think you're right about leaving Sue out of this one. You'll come up with just the right thing!

  9. Sophia Grace and Rosie seem to be enjoying your replica quilt even before it's finished... it's beautiful! Am I going to be the only one to say YES to the Sunbonnet Sue block for the Suffragette Quilt? I think Sue would look great in cheddar! Checked out the link the SS block and now I'll be adding a book to my must read list... it was an interesting article!

  10. Love the little srappy doll quilt. I've never made a doll quilt, either I work in miniature for a dollshouse or big for my own house. But doll quilts are beautiful.

  11. Love your reproduced little quilt. It looks aged already.


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