Sunday, February 23, 2014

Beautiful Inspiration!

This week the Elly Sienkiewicz Applique Academy is in Williamsburg.  I was in awe of the beautiful work done in the classes at the academy.  The brochure is  (Here) 

One quilt that I saw was a great inspiration to me.  It reminded me of the Jane Austen quilt for some reason.  It is being made by Delores Miller, of Redding, California, and here are some pictures that she graciously gave me permission to take and share with you:

Delores Miller doesn't have a blog, and so I hope she can view her quilt in progress here, and the lovely comments that I'm sure you will make on her lovely work.  It is a quilt of her own design.

Her use of the fabric motifs is so beautiful, and also her choice of fabrics to border the quilt is stunning.  I came home and looked through my pink fabrics and dreamed of making some six pointed stars and diamond shapes from's added to my ever growing bucket list.
I love pink and brown together, don't you?


  1. This is soooo beautiful!!!!! I'm speechless!

  2. What a wonderful quilt - well done to Delores! I love the chintz centre and the fabrics/ colours chosen complement it perfectly - just my sort of quilt. Thanks so much for showing this inspiring piece. Love your collection of fabrics - especially the one on the far left - lovely stripe. Can I ask which line this is from?

  3. Hilda - I don't know what line it is from - it is a fat quarter in my stash, and there is no selvage with any info to tell us what it is.....perhaps another reader will know. Sorry. I agree, it is very pretty.

  4. So stunning! Just beautiful beyond words. Excellent in every way.

  5. Beautiful quilt. I think that going to the Elly academy is the only item on my bucket list. Have you ever been?

  6. I've got a fussy cut 6 pt star top looking for a home too :)
    I like the plaids with the bird blocks, great contrast.

  7. What a breathtaking quilt! I love it! The fabrics are all so very lovely also!!!

  8. I attended the Academy last year with Elly and it was wonderful!
    What a gorgeous quilt!
    I love Pink & Brown quilts. Such beautiful fabrics you've pulled from your stash!
    I'm currently making an EPP star quilt using fussy cut fabrics in this color combination.
    (one of my slow crawling

  9. Thanks for sharing the quilt pics. It's a gorgeous quilt. I do love pinks and browns together and have lots of them in my stash. :-) Love your little doll quilt, too. It looks wonderful on the little bed.


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