Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Lori's Little Quilt-A-Long

Today I finished the doll quilt top called Midwinter Blues.  The instructions are (Here) The quilt went together nicely after I made amends for my mistakes.

Lori's directions for the half squares at the edge were to make four separate half blocks.  I have seen vintage quilts that are made with blocks cut in half to achieve the same thing, and I decided to do that.  I knew that the seam allowance would be a little smaller, but decided it was just a doll quilt and it would be fine.  

Well, right after I sliced the two blocks in half, I realized I had sliced them in half in the wrong direction!  Oops!  So I cut all of the previously made blocks in half, and in half again, and put them all back together again.  With the seven blocks back together and now with center squares of four different blues, I cut two blocks in half the correct direction.  Picture Tim Gunn from Project Runway urging me on......"Make it work!"

Here is the doll quilt top:

         Lori's directions included cornerstones, but after the trouble I had with the setting squares, I decided to forgo the cornerstones in the sashing.  It measures 21 inches square.

Here are the five blocks I started with before making the setting blocks:

For the rest of the week I will be working on Dear Jane triangles and blocks.  The Dear Jane group meets next Tuesday, and I am hoping to get caught up with my blocks before that meeting.  

Link up is happening today at Freshly Pieced WIP Wednesday.  (Here)


  1. Well it's lovely Judy... and I think Lori (and Tim Gunn) will be very proud of you for making it work!!!

  2. cute cute cute!
    And USPS was a dear today, as are you :)

  3. Way to persevere and make it work! I love the hour glass blocks that are now in the centers. Love this!

  4. Great job Judy -- so cute. I love the colors you chose and isn't it great to finish something ? Lori did a fantastic job at her tutorial / quilt along.

  5. Too funny! Great that it turned out just fine and you made it your own. I like it!

  6. That indigo fabric is beautiful and I LOVE how you made it work! It is really fantastic!!

  7. The stripe sashing works so very well.

  8. I love it, and love the stripe!

  9. Tim Gunn, too funny. I think it works quite well!


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