Monday, March 3, 2014

Monday Morning Musings

Here's what I'm working on this morning:

Lighting can make a lot of difference in pictures.  These are both pictures of the same block.  A photographer I am not.  This is part of the applique project, Birds of a Feather, which is almost finished.

Last Thursday I went to the big quilt show in Hampton, the Mid-Atlantic Quilt Festival XXV.  I want to share just one quilt from the show.  It's what I call a "tile" quilt, and I am interested in making one. Tile quilts have white "grout" between the pieces, and I think they look so interesting.  Plus it had old buttons too!  I hope you enjoy these pictures of just one of many beautiful quilts in the show:

Monday mornings is time to look at all the design wall pictures at Judy Liquidara's blog.  (Here)


  1. That is a beautiful block you are working on, Judy!

  2. Your appliqué is lovely. You do very nice work. Thanks for sharing the tile quilt. It really is interesting. The buttons are a nice touch.

  3. Hi Judy
    Your block is so nice.
    Thanks for sharing the A is for Appliqué quilt at the show. It is such a creative quilt in so many ways. I had to zoom in on the picture to see what I was really looking at. I could see myself doing maybe one tile for a wall hanging in this style. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Your photos are just fine... you do beautiful applique!
    Interesting tile quilt! I love how creatively they use the buttons. They show very well on the quilt... better than in a big glass jar!

  5. I like your fabric choices in the bird block. Lots of interest in the designs.


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