Friday, April 11, 2014

A Bonnie Day at our Guild! Part I

Bonnie Hunter came to our guild and talked about her scrap user system.  You can read more about it (here)

She also brought many of her beautiful quilts to show to us.  Enjoy the show!
Bonnie said to notice the red plaid that was sewn into the corners of the rectangles on Starstruck.  She sewed another seam on the piece that she was cutting off, creating a small half-square triangle that she saved and used later in another quilt.

Virginia Bound
Bonnie used one orange man's shirt for all of the orange squares in the outer borders.  

Smith Mountain Morning

This quilt uses brown and blue - the two most common colors in my stash.  I really like the color combination.  I will have to make a brown and blue quilt!

Tumalo Trail

This quilt is so beautiful, I wanted to keep snapping pictures of it over and over again.  I think it will go on my bucket list.  
Bricks in the Barnyard
I love the red border and all the spots of red in this one.  Bonnie said there were several different reds in it, and she showed all the matchy-matchy people that it didn't matter.  If you put enough of different ones in, it will work.  
Hawks Nest Cheddar

She pointed out that on-point blocks have on-point borders, and straight set blocks have straight-set borders.  I love the triangles in the border on this one.
Rectangle Wrangle

Interesting point made by Bonnie on this one:  The center has a darker "feel" and the lighter border lightens up the whole quilt.  Even though the border is a lot of work, it really is worth it, and makes this quilt wonderful.
Boxy Stars
Another Boxy Stars

This quilt show will be continued on the next blog post.  


Lisa Mikel said...

How lucky to have had Bonnie visit your quilt guild! She's amazing.

sandi s said...

Beautiful quilts. I would have loved to listen to Bonnie.

Mary Ellen said...

One of these days I will get to meet her. If possible, your photos show that her quilts are even more wonderful than I thought!

JoAnne said...

You got some great photos! I hope you are having a great time.

Rebecca said...

I love Bonnie Hunter's quilts!! How lucky for you that you got to go to one of her workshops! She will be coming to our small Alaska town in May 2015! I hope I will be able to go to her classes. Thank you for sharing her quilts!

Ruth said...

I tool a class last Sept. with Bonnie to make Virginia Bound. I just love it. I am making Star Struck now for my GS's HS graduation. She is a wonderful teacher and so inspirational!