Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Memorial Day (Decoration Day) Thank you to those who serve.

Happy Decoration Day (Memorial Day) and thank you to all those who serve our country.  These pictures are from a few years ago, of a little girl, Madeline Grace, who helped her mother put flags in a cemetery, in memory of those who died in service.

I have Talkin' Turkey almost assembled - just a few more rows to sew together, and then the middle will be finished.  The border on Bonnie Hunter's pattern involved more flying geese than I wanted to make.  I asked some friends at an applique group what they thought about a border, and they said "Applique a border!".  Of course they did, they are an applique group!  So they got me started thinking about a few feathers in the border, and then I decided on some string pieced turkey feathers, and this is the sketched results:

I am using a nine inch border of red checked fabric, with a few turkey feathers in two corners.  I have only made one feather, so far, but this is the plan.  What do you think?

It's still on the design wall, and I am sewing rows together, and making more string feathers this week.  

Here's a picture of the quilt top, with rows partially sewn together:


Debra @ Life is a Stitch said...

Judy, That is a TURKEY-PERFECT border for those blocks!!! Can't wait to see it all put together - will you please bring it to Shipshe in the fall!?

Lisa Mikel said...

I love it! Great idea for the border!

moosecraft said...

String pieced feathers are the perfect accent to this quilt! :-)

Judy Dietrich said...

Very clever way to add the element of the quilt name to the border. Kind of like an inside joke!! Lol. Bonnie would love the feathers

Leah Rubin said...

Brilliant and beautiful! Can't wait to see it as it all comes together. You're amazing!

Pat said...

Love the quilt and the string feathers in the border are perfect! Love it!