Monday, January 12, 2015

I'm Just A Simple Girl

Since I am just a simple girl, with simple tastes, I have decided to break down the parts of the latest Bonnie Hunter mystery into three quilts.  The colors I chose for this quilt wouldn't play together nicely, so they got divided into three parts:

Red and black and white into one quilt:

The green and white parts are going to be a triple Irish chain quilt:

And the remaining parts are being changed to take the black out, and are going to become something by themselves.  I'm not sure yet, but this is a possibility:

I love Bonnie Hunter and all she does for the quilting community.  She is so generous of her time and talent.    It has been fun seeing what the quilting community has made with Bonnie's Grand Illusion.  Please know that my division of the mystery parts is no reflection on Bonnie's design of the mystery. I always love to play with the parts, and this year it turned out to be three quilts as the end result.  I like this design as I have seen others make it, but with my blocks, the colors just seemed to be fighting each other.

The original plan was to make this quilt for our son and bride for their bed,  but I hope they will like the green and white triple Irish chain, as it could possibly be quilted with a MSU logo in the quilting of the large white empty area, as they are Michigan State fans.  It could be used in their recreation room.   If they don't like it, we are MSU fans too, and it would be used in our recreation room.

Possible quilting motif for large white squares:

We had a great vacation in Texas with our daughter, and have just arrived back home to the frozen tundra in Michigan.   Brrrr!  We took in the fabulous Cotton Bowl, where MSU snatched victory from the jaws of defeat.  Such an exciting game!
We had fun with our daughter and her family, and we took our time coming back to Michigan.  We stopped in Paducah, Kentucky to visit the quilt museum there, and it was so inspiring!  If you are in the area, do stop in and visit the museum.  It is well worth the trip.

It' Monday so here's the link to Design Wall Mondays at Judy Laquidara's blog to see what other quilters are working on today.  (Here)


  1. I am loving the red/black/white quilt you are creating. And what better colors for an Irish chain than green and white? : )

  2. I like your three quilt options. We really need to meet up sometime soon when the weather gets better. I'm going to Midatlantic in Virginia at the end of Feb.

  3. I sure understand making this into three quilts. I love the top quilt! So pretty And I like your idea for the MSU quilt. I think they will love it.

  4. LOVE them, especially the red, black & white!

  5. I too love the red/black/white quilt. It looks so different than what we usually see. Great call.

  6. I like your versions. The green and white would look good with that team logo quilted on it.
    Like Chantal said above me, great call!

    Glad you are home safe from Texas.

  7. Good idea. I really, really like the red & black quilt.

  8. Well, I think you were handed some lemons and you have made some delicious lemonade! Great ideas for your blocks, each will be a beautiful quilt. I am really loving the black, white, and red one!

  9. Wonderful! I've been sitting back, waiting for someone to come up with a better plan and you've hit the nails on the head. Thank you for posting these variations. Best part is that I can use up more greens, BG.

  10. The red/black and white is going to be great. I too ended up changing mine. I started by making all the parts of the first step, then I decided to just make 1/2 of each unit. Then I decided to only make 9 blocks, then I didn't make the mirror image pieces in one of the steps. The end result will be a totally different border. It will make a wonderful wall hanging. Very springy.

  11. I'm in Michigan too and it is way too cold here! I love your red/black/white quilt at the top of your post. I think this would look great in pink and brown as well.


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